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  • You'll get tips & tricks to increase office productivity
  • You'll find out how to feel less stressed at work
  • You'll get advice on how to overcome financial issues
  • Learn how to have less financial issues


Section 1: Higher office productivity
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Section 2: Learn budgeting
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  • Basic computer literacy
  • No special knowledge is required
  • You need to be willing to use what you learn in your life

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If you’re looking for your go-to instructor when it comes to software testing, Joe Claire is the one to turn to. Without a degree or any formal education in the IT field, Joe managed to learn software testing as an additional skill while doing other full-time jobs and finally ending up as a software tester. A story that is possible to replicate in this day and age when you can skip college studies to learn high-level skills faster and with much fewer resources.

Finding bugs can be a fun job and bring so much benefit to your company! Besides, mastering the skill is a promising career path these days as increasingly more qualified software testers are needed around the globe. For this, you need an experienced teacher with extensive practical experience. Joe Claire is the one who’s got a lot of experience working in this field.

On BitDegree, you may get a solid foundation and learn practical information about quality assurance in the software testing realm. With Joe Claire, you can get a close look at what software testing is like in reality. Joe will also share tried and tested advice on how to kickstart a software tester’s career with SCRUM, Agile and other software testing tools. Get ready to land your dream job fairly quickly with learning the essentials with Joe!

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