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What Will I Learn?

  • Host Your Unity Game Server Online
  • Be Able to Connect Game Clients to Your Main Server
  • Learn How to Connect and Disconnect Players
  • Have a Professional Understanding of Online Multiplayer.


Nowadays, the majority of games need an online server where players can connect and interact with each other. If you have been creating Unity games and want to learn how to host them online, it's is your chance to learn this craft.

Game Server Creation in One Hour

This Unity 5 tutorial will teach you how to design the multiplayer menu and create an online gaming server for it. You don't need to be a master programmer to succeed at this task since this course uses coding for beginners tactics. Therefore, anyone will be able to understand the most crucial concepts of online game hosting. However, this tutorial will be more useful if you already know how to create a game. If you don't, don't worry. There are many tutorials on game development on BitDegree!

If you have your game ready, keep going. One of the coolest features of this Unity 5 tutorial is that it only takes an hour to complete. It doesn't burden you with any useless information. You gain hands-on practical employable skills by working directly with a game server.

Not Difficult With the Right Resources

If you've never built a game server before, it might seem like a complicated task. Yet, soon you'll find out that with some help it's a piece of cake. Even if you've hosted a video game online before, don't dismiss this tutorial. You might find out some tricks that will make the process of creating a game server a lot faster and more fluent for you.

This tutorial is as straight-forward and simple as it gets. It begins with an explanation why you need server hosting and what's the best strategy for it. After that, the course moves on to practical tasks that include designing, coding, and understanding how a game server works and how to create one. This part explains game server coding for beginners. The tutorial also includes lectures demonstrating how to get free online hosting for your server. It is truly a tutorial that guides you through every step of the way.

Learn Practical Skills the Easy Way

The course is split into short and engaging video lessons. That makes information effortlessly digestible and easy to follow. Furthermore, the main goal of this course is to teach you a particular task. So, you can be sure, that after finishing this tutorial you'll have your game online. Also, you'll gain practical skills that can increase your chances to get noticed and hired.

You'll be learning the fundamental facts about game servers form successful developer and instructor Yohann Taieb. He has been teaching game enthusiasts how to use Unity for years! Yohann has also developed and published over 100 mobile apps and games. You'll be in good hand for sure.

Now is the Best Time to Start

Online gaming has significantly evolved in the past decade. It includes mobile gaming, free-to-play and pay-to-play multiplayer gaming as well as social gaming. In 2016 multiplayer gaming generated revenue of around 19.9 billion US dollars! Amount of online console video game players is expected to reach 57 million by 2020. And PC online games market value alone is suspected to reach the number of 33.6 billion US dollars. Therefore, it's clear that online gaming and market for game developers has a bright future.

Don't miss out on an opportunity to join online gaming industry. Learn how to create a game server and host your game online in 1 hour. Enroll now!


  • Basic Use of Unity
  • Have Unity Editor Installed
  • Works for Mac, Linux, and Windows


Section 1: Getting Started 09:01
Section 2: Hands on 34:01
Section 3: Advanced Hosting Setup 19:07

About the Instructors

Yohann Taieb

Apps/Games Developer
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  • 1,037 Reviews
  • 11,999 Students
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Yohann Taieb is one of the leading teachers in mobile game programming. Yohann has been a College instructor for over ten years. He has a unique style. Yohann has enabled more than 50000 students to publish their apps and reach the top spots Yohann ideas turned him into an entrepreneur, and now he is sharing his knowledge and experience by teaching iPhone Development, Swift 3, Unity 3D, Photoshop for programmers, and Android.


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