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  • Confidently Evaluate the Return Potential of Any Real Estate Investment Opportunity
  • Use Professional Grade Investment Models to Evaluate Your Deals
  • Know a "Good" Investment from a "Bad" Investment
  • Evaluate Rental Income Properties


Section 1: Intro: Why Do We Care About Investment Analysis?
Navigating Udemy
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Please Be Fair
Why Investment Analysis? Part 1 of 2
Why Investment Analysis? Part 2 of 2
Investment Analysis Process
Section 2: Jumpstart
Jumpstart Intro
Zillow Alternatives
Jumpstart - Market Research 1
Jumpstart - Market Research 2
Jumpstart - Rental Income Property Back of the Envelope Analysis
What's Next?
Section 3: Housekeeping
How Are You Feeling?
Section 4: Foundations: Investment Process
Investment Process Overview
Due Diligence
Financing & Closing
Construction & Rehab
TLDW Summary Investment Process
Section Summary Notes: The Investment Process
Investment Process Quiz
Section 5: Foundations: Real Estate Cycles
Intro to Real Estate Cycles
Recovery Phase
Expansion Phase
Hypersupply Phase
Recession Phase
The Next Bust?
Section 6: Foundations: How to Measure Returns
Measures of Return Overview
Discounted Cash Flow & Net Present Value
Discount Rate
Net Present Value Excel Demo
Internal Rate of Return
Internal Rate of Return Excel Demo
Cash Multiple
Which Measure to Use?
Which Measure to Use DEMO
Terminal Value
Yields and Cap Rates
TLDW Summary Measures of Return
Measures of Return Quiz
Section 7: Foundations: Impact of Debt on Return
Intro to Impact of Debt
Interest Only vs Amortized Debt
The Amortization Calculator
Amortization Schedule w/ Extra Principal Payment Option
Unleveraged vs Leveraged Returns
TLDW Summary Impact from Debt
Section 8: Foundations: Investment Considerations
Investment Considerations Overview
External Considerations
Property Considerations
Deal Considerations
Other Considerations
TLDW Summary Investment Considerations
Investment Considerations Quiz
Section 9: Foundations: Three Primary Investment Strategies
Investment Strategies Overview
Core Investment Strategy
Opportunistic Investment Strategy
Value Added Investment Strategy
TLDW Investment Strategies
Investment Strategies Quiz
Section 10: Check In
Checking In
TLDW - Case Studies
Section 11: How to Invest with Others - Intro to the Waterfall Framework
Investing with Others Overview
Why Even Invest with Others?
What are the Risks of Investing with Others?
Intro to the Waterfall Distribution Framework
Waterfall Examples Overview
Example 1: No Waterfall
Example 2: Two Tier Waterfall
Example 3: Three Tier Waterfall
Example 4: Four Tier Waterfall
Waterfall Examples Summary
Which Waterfall to Use?
What Happens if Investment Loses Money?
Example 5: Money Losing Investment Waterfall
Example 6: Waterfall using Fix & Flip Investment
Example 7: Waterfall using Rental Income Investment
Investing with Others Final Tips
Investing with Others Quiz
Section 12: Fix & Flip Case Study
Single Unit Flip Overview
Single Unit Flip Key Considerations
Single Unit Flip Example Pt. 1
Single Unit Flip Example Pt. 2
Advanced Fix and Flip Investment Model Unlocked
Advanced Fix & Flip Model - Holding Costs Not Financed
Section 13: Rental Income Property Case Study
Single Unit Rental Overview
Single Unit Rental Key Considerations
Single Unit Rental Example Pt. 1
Single Unit Rental Example Pt. 2
Advanced Rental Investment Model Unlocked
INTEREST ONLY VERSION - Advanced Rental Investment Model Unlocked
Section 14: Multifamily Investment Case Study
Multi-Unit Property Overview
Multi-Unit Property Key Considerations
Multi-Unit Property Example A
Multi-Unit Property Example B
Advanced Multi-Unit Investment Unlocked Model - Different Exit Assumptions
Section 15: Multiple Properties Portfolio Case Study
Multiple Properties Portfolio Overview
Multiple Properties Portfolio Key Considerations
Multiple Properties Portfolio Example
Advanced Multiple Properties Unlocked Model
Section 16: Commercial Real Estate Case Studies
Introduction to Commercial Real Estate
Asset States For Deals
Types of Commercial Leases
Industrial Warehouses Overview
Industrial Warehouse Subdivision Example
Industrial Portfolio Example
Retail Example
Anchored Retail Example
Simple Office Example
Downtown Office Example
Mixed Use Retail Center Example
Medical Plaza Build to Suit Example
Finished Land Lots - Land Banking Example
Operating Assets Overview
Self Storage Example
Economy Hotel Example
Parking Garage Example
Advanced Parking Garage Model Unlocked
Advanced Commercial Model Unlocked
Advanced Commercial Model Unlocked - Normal Numbers
Section 17: Appendix: Special Topics and Examples
How to Build a Back of Envelope Model from Scratch 1 of 2
How to Build a Back of Envelope Model from Scratch 2 of 2
EXAMPLE: College Town Rental - Renting Out Individual Rooms
Example: Building a Mortgage Amortization Calculator in Excel
Due Diligence Checklist Part 1
Due Diligence Checklist Part 2
EXCEL: Sensitivity Analysis 101
SPECIAL TOPICS: Amortization vs. Loan Term
SPECIAL TOPICS: Should I Rent or Purchase My House?
EXCEL: Modeling Timing Contingencies
EXAMPLE: Rental with Purchase Option
SPECIAL TOPICS: Intro to Deal Syndication
SPECIAL TOPICS: How Much House Can I Afford?
LIVE DEMO - Las Vegas and Los Angeles Rental Property Analysis & Q&A
BOE Model with Interest Only Loan
Section 18: Extra Topic: How to Evaluate Airbnb Hosting as an Investment
Introduction to Airbnb
Airbnb Hosting Economics I
Airbnb Hosting Economics II
Airbnb Key Considerations for Short Term Rentals I
Airbnb Key Considerations for Short Term Rentals II
Airbnb Key Considerations for Short Term Rentals III
Airbnb Best Practices I
Airbnb Best Practices II
Airbnb Best Practices III - Full Time Rentrepreneurs
Airbnb Example: Listing Extra Room Part I
Airbnb Example: Listing Extra Room Part II
Airbnb Example: Dedicated Unit for Airbnb
Updated LearnAirbnb Model for Airbnb Hosting
Section 19: BONUS
BONUS Lecture: $10 Coupons



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