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What You Will Learn?

  • Confidently Evaluate the Return Potential of Any Real Estate Investment Opportunity
  • Use Professional Grade Investment Models to Evaluate Your Deals
  • Know a "Good" Investment from a "Bad" Investment
  • Evaluate Rental Income Properties



  • Have Microsoft Excel 2011 or Newer


Section 1: Intro: Why Do We Care About Investment Analysis?
Section 2: Jumpstart
Section 3: Housekeeping
Section 4: Foundations: Investment Process
Section 5: Foundations: Real Estate Cycles
Section 6: Foundations: How to Measure Returns
Section 7: Foundations: Impact of Debt on Return
Section 8: Foundations: Investment Considerations
Section 9: Foundations: Three Primary Investment Strategies
Section 10: Check In
Section 11: How to Invest with Others - Intro to the Waterfall Framework
Section 12: Fix & Flip Case Study
Section 13: Rental Income Property Case Study
Section 14: Multifamily Investment Case Study
Section 15: Multiple Properties Portfolio Case Study
Section 16: Commercial Real Estate Case Studies
Section 17: Appendix: Special Topics and Examples
Section 18: Extra Topic: How to Evaluate Airbnb Hosting as an Investment
Section 19: BONUS

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