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What Will You Learn?

  • Freelance Writing
  • Blogging
  • SEO Copywriting
  • B2B Writing
  • Web Content Writing


Learn How to Write Well and Make Money Online, Writing Articles & Blog Posts
Section 2: PART 1: LESSON 1
Freelance Writing Rules
Section 3: LESSON 2
The Most Secure Payment Methods and How to Protect Yourself from Online Scams
Section 4: LESSON 3
Upwork: The World’s Largest Online Workplace
Section 5: LESSON 4
Fiverr Marketplace
Section 6: LESSON 5
Facebook: The Most Effective Social Media
Section 7: LESSON 6
LinkedIn: The Biggest Professional Social Media Platform
Section 8: LESSON 7
Cold Pitching: A Great Way to Get High-Paying Clients
New lecture
New lecture
Section 9: LESSON 8
The best Blogging Platforms for New Writers to Write On
Section 10: LESSON 9
How to Write and Sell an eBook
Section 11: LESSON 10
What is Outsourcing and How Does It Work?
Section 12: LESSON 11
The Biggest Mistakes New Freelance Writers Make
Section 13: LESSON‌ 12
Handling Difficult Clients
Section 14: LESSON‌ 13
Tackling Hard Freelance Writing Assignments
Section 15: LESSON‌ 14
How to Overcome Burnout and Writers' Block
Section 16: LESSON‌ 15
How to Become a More Productive Writer
Section 17: PART 2: LESSON‌ 16
How to Write Articles & Blog Posts Like a Professional
Section 18: LESSON‌ 17
How to Improve Your English and Write Like a Native Speaker
Section 19: LESSON‌ 18
Writing and Blogging Tools
Section 20: LESSON‌ 19
SEO Article Writing
Section 21: LESSON‌ 20
How to Self-Edit and Proofread Your Work
Section 22: LESSON‌ 21
Rewriting Articles from Other Sources
Section 23: LESSON‌ 22
How to craft a Winning Proposal
Section 24: LESSON‌ 23
How to Write Press Release, White Papers, Sales Copy & Email Marketing Copy
Section 25: LESSON‌ 24
Additional Places Where You Can Get Freelance Writing Jobs
Section 26: LESSON‌ 25
Lazy Writer’s Way of Writing 10 Articles Per Day for Content Mills
Section 27: LESSON 26
Touch Typing Skills: Learn How to Type Faster In One Month
Section 28: LESSON 27
Becoming a Better B2B Writer & Content Marketer
Section 29: Course Completion
Course Completion



  • Basic writing skills for example, you are able to writing an email to a friend.
  • Basic English skills
  • Passionate about writing
  • Hardworking
  • Enjoys reading

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