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What You Will Learn?

  • Start with Javascript Basics
  • Learn to Apply ES6 to Your Projects
  • Learn all about ES6
  • Learn to Use Gulp and Webpack



  • Modern Web Browser
  • Basics of HTML/CSS are Helpful


Section 5: Functions 1:02:33
Section 8: Loops 1:17:42
Section 9: DOM 1:46:40
Section 10: Events 1:21:40
Section 12: Destructuring 1:11:46
Section 14: ObjectOriented Programming Language 49:53
Section 15: Classes, Inheritance and Grouping 1:13:50
Section 16: Callbacks and Promises 1:36:38
Section 17: Data and Attributes 1:10:43
Section 18: Syntax and Property 1:27:26
Section 19: Using Babel CLI and Gulp 1:03:44
Section 20: Linting, Bundling and Dev Server 52:01

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"I absolutely love this course. This is such a comprehensive course that was well worth the money I spent and a lot more. Will definitely be looking at more Mammoth Interactive courses when I finish this." – Student Matt W.

"Very good at explaining the basics then building to more complex features." – Student Kevin L.

Mammoth Interactive has been contracted to produce epic soundtracks, addicting levels, rock solid programming and business development.

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