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What You Will Learn?

  • AVR Micro-controller architecture & it's working - Instruction execution, pipelining, stack pointer & interrupts. Interrupts, interrupt vector table (IVT) and interrupt service routine (ISR), IVT & ISR programming. Setup in-circuit programmer and USB-Serial adapter, flash & configure ATmega328 micro-controller.
  • C, AVR assembly programming & implement mixed language projects. Arguments and return values passing from a function to another, how memory & CPU registers are allocated during program execution. How hardware manages program stack and management of local & global variables.
  • GPIO Programming, 4x4 keypad interfacing & driver development
  • Build environment setup, GNU tools & utilities & build automation using GNU Make



  • Prior exposure to computer architecture, digital circuit & C programming is good to have but not mandatory
  • Curiosity & enthusiasm to learn
  • Development board components, PC & open source software


Section 2: AVR Microcontroller 1:07:44
Section 3: Embedded Programming - Part 1 54:10
Section 4: Embedded Programming - Part 2 1:29:29
Section 5: Interrupt & pre-main() 1:06:52
Section 6: General Purpose Input Output 54:41
Section 7: Development Environment 1:22:13
Section 8: Programming Challenges 57:23
Section 9: More on Embedded System 21:54

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Arabinda is an Entrepreneur, Educator, Researcher and Software professional. He has Bachelor degree from National Institute of Technology, Surathkal (NITK), India and Master degree from Advance Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Korea. He has published several patents and papers in conferences of repute.

He has spent more than 15 years in research and software development. He has worked over a decade on Embedded System design and development and steered several embedded software development projects. He has lead the implementation of ITU-T protocols and standards on Embedded devices like multi-functional printers, audio video bridge and mobile devices.

He has trained hundreds of graduates on programming, software engineering, Android, software testing principles and Automation. He has mentored several engineers during stints at companies like Samsung, Amazon etc. He is an avid learner and loves to teach electronics and software programming to young students.

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