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  • Learn Containers, Docker and Kubernetes in-depth including Docker Ecosystem (Compose, Swarm) and advanced Orchestration
  • Write your own Kubernetes objects, Dockerfiles and Compose YAMLs
  • Containerize familiar and widely used applications like self hosted WordPress blogs, your favorite game (2048), distributed computing application like Apache Zookeeper and much more
  • Get Deeper insight into industrial applications of Kubernetes with case studies of popular organizations
  • Learn to use Kubernetes on Cloud with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure!



  • Basic Knowledge of Linux Command Line
  • Basic knowledge of Computer Science and OS fundamentals
  • No previous experience with Docker, Kubernetes or any public cloud platform is required
  • A Debit/Credit card with auto-payment compatibility will be required to create free Google Cloud Platform (for GKE) and Microsoft Azure (for AKS) accounts. Don't worry, you will not be charged


Section 1: Introduction: The World of Containers 27:17
Section 2: Docker architecture and Dockerfiles 38:12
Section 3: Docker Images and Containers 51:44
Section 4: Docker Networks: Making Containers Talk! 20:19
Section 5: Storage with Docker 19:06
Section 6: Docker Compose 19:11
Section 7: Container Orchestration with Docker Swarm 27:01
Section 8: Introduction to Kubernetes 32:29
Section 9: Understanding Container Orchestration with Pods 36:02
Section 10: Kubernetes Container Orchestration with Controllers 18:46
Section 11: Networking and Storage with Kubernetes 34:14
Section 12: Advanced Orchestration with Kubernetes 42:35
Section 13: Managed Kubernetes as a Service on Cloud 1:02:15

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