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  • Learn to Identify Signs of a Conflict Early, and Have a Better Chance to Stop it
  • Learn to Reduce Conflicts by Listening Well
  • Understand how Conflicts Increase and Prevent them from Growing
  • Learn to De-escalate Conflicts and Bring Relationships with Co-workers Back to Normal
  • Learn Conflict Resolution and Use Skills and Tools that You will Learn



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Dr. Mike Clayton is a business trainer, speaker, and author. He has been helping professionals, leaders, and managers to excel in their roles with leadership, management, and personal effectiveness training.
An author of over a dozen books for major publishers like Wiley, Macmillan, and Pearson, including Powerhouse, How to Speak, so People Listen, How to Manage a Great Project, The Influence Agenda, and Brilliant Time Management.
Mike has worked more than 12 years as a project management professional with the London office of international management consultancy Deloitte. Before that, Mike had an academic career in Physics, working at the world-renowned Schuster Laboratory of The University of Manchester.
Mike currently has ten courses, with a long list of successful seminars and training courses to convert into video format.

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