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What Will You Learn?

  • Business Finance Fundamentals
  • What Business Debt Is and How to Handle It
  • Accounting Fundaments
  • What Common Financial Mistakes Are and How to Avoid Them


Section 1: Business loans and debt
Should you take a personal loan to fund your business
How business debt can have a negative impact on your personal credit score
What is a business credit score - how to start improving your business credit
Section 2: Business finances and strategy
Strategies for how to fund a business
Types of businesses which seem to always be in financial trouble or bankruptcy
How much you should pay yourself as the business owner
Common financial business forms
Common business partnership agreement forms
Biggest financial mistakes in business
What is business bankruptcy and how to avoid business bankruptcy
Commentary on Suze Orman the personal finance advice guru
Why is Donal Trump always bankrupt but still wealthy



  • Interest in Starting a Business
  • Proficiency in the English Language
  • Interest in Business Finance

About the Instructor

Alex Genadinik

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Alex Genadinik is a passionate instructor, entrepreneur, teacher, and best-selling Amazon author. Also, he owns a popular business and marketing channel on YouTube with more than 30k subscribers.

Alex Genadinik holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from San Jose State University.

Alex has great experience in app development, software engineering, entrepreneurship, social marketing, and SEO. He loves sharing his experience with students. Throughout his career, Alex has created over 100 online courses and has more than 100k students enrolled in his courses. Also, he has already helped over 1,000 businesses to improve their results.

Alex Genadinik is the creator not only of online courses but also of some top entrepreneur mobile apps that have over 2,000,000 downloads.

Having collected that much of knowledge and experience, Alex Genadinik is joyful to share it in online courses here on BitDegree. You can choose from a variety of Alex Genadinik’s courses to improve skills such as marketing, SEO, social media, business management, personal development, and others. Choose the best course for yourself and deep dive into learning!

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