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What You Will Learn?

  • How to detect bugs
  • How to become a white hat hacker
  • How to earn while browsing



  • HTML/JS Basics(For XSS)
  • Some sort of web technologies like HTTP HTTPS etc.
  • Knowledge of Burp Suite


Section 1: Introduction 07:35
Section 2: Getting Familiar with Burp suite 17:42
Section 3: Reconnaissance or Information Gathering 1:08:29
Section 4: Using nmap for information Gathering 22:56
Section 5: Getting Started with Bug bounties 20:23
Section 6: Testing For Session Management 18:06
Section 7: Authorization Testing 12:01
Section 8: Client Side Testing 24:47
Section 9: Testing For Input Validation 18:04
Section 10: File Upload Vulnerabilities 13:48
Section 11: Broken Authentication 09:19
Section 12: Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards 06:02

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I am a full-time bug bounty hunter in virtual life and quite a shy person in personal life. I am a security Ninja with about 5 years of experience in testing, security auditing of website and android applications

I reported about 150+ bugs to different companies like Google, Facebook, Medium etc.

I love coding in PHP and I have created some cool projects which ease my day to day work.
And when I am not doing these things I love to travel the world.

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