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What You Will Learn?

  • You will have a strong understanding about what Blockchain is
  • Able to understand how Blockchain is being used in various sectors of the industries
  • Know the step wise process which is required for designing a Blockchain solution
  • Learn about various types of Consensus Mechanisms
  • Understand the Blockchain Architecture



  • No prior experience is required. Anyone who wishes to learn about Blockchain or has a passion to learn about this new technology is welcome to take up this course.


Section 1: Introduction to Blockchain 29:37
Section 2: Working of Blockchain 18:51
Section 3: Blockchain vs Traditional Technologies 17:29
Section 4: Key Concepts of Blockchain 26:59
Section 5: Working of a Blockchain Transaction 05:33
Section 6: Consensus Mechanism 28:59
Section 7: Different types of Consensus Algorithms 27:05
Section 8: Blockchain Architecture 16:35
Section 9: Forming your own Blockchain Solution 26:42
Section 10: Blockchain Technology Stack and Ecosystem 25:56
Section 11: Top Blockchain Solutions 18:08
Section 12: Blockchain in Industries 19:22
Section 13: Various types of attacks over Blockchain 09:42
Section 14: Blockchain taking over the world 06:08
Section 15: Blockchain Use Cases in Finance 15:09
Section 16: Blockchain Use Cases in Healthcare 16:22
Section 17: Blockchain Use Cases in Media and Entertainment 12:14
Section 18: Blockchain Use Cases in Real Estate 12:25
Section 19: Future Scope 18:22
Section 20: Conclusion and Summary 04:30

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We2Blocks is a Blockchain consultation and development company which aims to provide the skills that an individual requires to succeed in the Blockchain industry.

At We2Blocks, we develop, maintain and evaluate blockchain related products and web services for our partners worldwide and provide long-term assistance on related technological as well as operational matters.

Our online learning platform aims to empower professionals globally by providing them top notch university level education on Blockchain.

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