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What You Will Learn?

  • Learn the Basics of Python
  • Understand Python Programming Examples
  • Learn to Create Your own Examples
  • Lear to Create Your own Programs, If you Understand the Concept



  • Basic Internet Knowledge is a Requirement
  • Be Aware of How to Install .exe Files
  • Understand How to Install Simple Desktop Apps
  • Keep Learning


Section 1: Course Content 03:11
Section 2: Python installation 02:55
Section 3: Python Configuration 05:22
Section 4: Quick Introduction to Python Shell 03:42
Section 5: Python Basic Arithmetic Operations 05:11
Section 7: Indent Block Errors 03:09
Section 10: Dict's Concept 01:05
Section 11: Dict's operations 11:11
Section 14: Introduction to File Handling 00:58
Section 15: File handling operations 08:02
Section 16: For Loop Concept 07:27
Section 17: While Loop 05:34
Section 19: How to create a Function 05:12
Section 20: How to find area of the triangle using python 04:55
Section 21: How to print a Inverted star pattern program 09:33
Section 22: Introduction to OOPS concept 04:55
Section 24: Quick introduction to Python 3.7 02:53
Section 25: Regular Expressions Introduction 07:01
Section 28: Conclusion 04:05

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Hi, my name is Bala...
Currently, Am working as a Software Test Engineer for Freelance Projects. I know Python, Python selenium testing, Nltk, Data Science With Python.

This is my first course: Python programming for beginners

In next courses, I will cover NLTK, Data analysis with pandas(lib) and more.

If you need any help just drop me a message, I will update your queries as soon as possible :)

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