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What You Will Learn?

  • How to get people to buy from you
  • How to charge a higher premium
  • Time management
  • The guaranteed way to get people to buy from you
  • How to increase average order size



  • Open mind
  • Willingness to learn


Section 1: Introduction 01:24
Section 2: The Guaranteed Way to Improve Your Sales Technique 08:47
Section 3: Why People Buy and How to Get Them to Buy from Us 15:31
Section 4: Why People Don’t Buy and How to Counteract Any Objection 14:13
Section 5: Holding a High Price 16:55
Section 6: Win-Win and Increasing Average Order Value 17:51
Section 7: Sales Techniques You Need to Know 25:46
Section 8: BONUS SECTION! How to Be a Great Presenter and Wow Your Audience 16:11
Section 9: Conclusion 01:38

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