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What Will I Learn?

  • How to identify the best ICOs using a practical step-by-step guide.
  • How to properly evaluate an ICO (or even an existing cryptocurrency) based on facts and numbers, not on hype and fake/incomplete information.
  • How to identify and score 12 different factors that either make an ICO promising or not.


Initial Coin Offering - ICO for short - is a new way to fundraise. I believe ICOs will soon be the de facto method to launch a startup. The facts speak for themselves. For example, in 2017 ICOs raised over 6 billion USD and this figure is bound to grow at exponential rates.

Finding the Best ICO to Invest in Is Hard Work

Only a small fraction of ICOs are projects worth investing in. It is unfortunate, but around 95% of them are weak and unpromising projects, or sometimes just scams and frauds.

There are countless people who lost their money by investing in ICOs without performing due diligence first. That's because a good marketing campaign or endorsement by YouTube experts aren't signifiers of a great ICO. For example, a YouTube promoter can claim, "This is the best upcoming cryptocurrency!" only because they get tokens or Bitcoin in return.

That's why it's crucial to have an ICO review system. Do not send BTC or ETH on a hunch. Use the 12 criteria I have provided to filter out an ICO that's not worth your contribution. Of course, you should spend your money wisely - investing in an ICO always comes with a significant amount of risk, so no analysis of a project and its team can be 100% accurate. But my system will help you minimize the risks to a tolerable level in a world of uncertainty.

Do not fall for hype or a well-designed website when picking the best ICO to invest in. Look out for red flags, be diligent and aware of the trends in the market.

Education Is Key When Choosing The Best ICOs

That is why I will provide you with:

✅ Numerous videos to familiarize your with the review sheet, so that you understand the criteria I use to score top ICOs.

✅ Access to the ICO REVIEW SHEET, which is made of 30+ columns and 12+ weighted criteria, with an outlined scoring system, drag-and-drop formulas.

✅ Live access to my review sheet, which I regularly update with the latest ICO ratings and comments.

✅ A community of informed students who use their brains and critical thinking to pick the token sales they participate in.

✅ ...and even more: I not only talk about the best ICO to invest in, but I also give examples of untrustworthy projects so you can see the difference.

Keep in Mind The Terms Below

✅ The ICO scores and other provided information in this course do not amount to financial advice and therefore you should not use it as a basis for investment.

✅ The ICO scores and additionally offered information in this course are my evaluations and opinions of ICOs and you should not consider them investment advice.

✅  The Securities and Exchange Commission or any other securities regulatory authority has not reviewed the ICOs reviewed in this course.

✅ The ICOs examined in this course might constitute securities according to federal and state securities laws and therefore these ICOs mat not be appropriate for investors who reside in the USA.

✅ USA investors who decide to invest in ICOs may not be able to recover any losses if they sustain them in the event of theft or fraud.

✅ This course does not represent and should not be construed as an offer to hold, buy or sell securities.

✅ Always consult with your financial advisor before you invest in ICO.

✅ Investing in ICO comes with high risk. Only people who can afford to sustain a loss of their entire investment should consider investing in ICOs.

✅ Always perform research when you are investing - do not rely on any analysis but your own.

✅ Never invest more money in an ICO than you are willing and can afford to lose.

✅ The information provided in this course isn't by any sense exhaustive and may include errors.

You are only 12 steps from knowing the best ICO to invest in!

The time to act is now! See you inside the course!


  • Pen and paper - keep notes!
  • Working knowledge on how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, operate on exchanges and use digital wallets.
  • General knowledge on investing - the author of this course is not a financial adviser, this course is not an investment advice.


Section 1: Introduction 22:10
  • Welcome To The Course!
Section 2: 12 Steps To A Proper ICO Evaluation 1:03:54
Section 3: Final Thoughts 02:41

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