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What Will You Learn?

  • You will Find Out Which Cryptocurrency is the Most Potential in 2019
  • You will learn How to Make a Research on Perspective Projects
  • You will learn How to Buy That Cryptocurrency
  • You will learn What the Most Promising Principles for Successful Project are


Section 2: What is the Cryptocurrency Opportunity of 2018/2019?
What is the Cryptocurrency Opportunity of 2018/19?
Why is this project a potential Game-changer?
This is crucial to be a top project!
What is the important data for you to know?
How do you buy/invest?
Section 3: Congratulations on completing this course!
Final lecture - what do I project for this project long-term?



  • You Need to Have Internet Access
  • If You Understand Cryptocurrency it's a Big Benefit
  • You Need to Be Eager to Learn and Open to Ideas

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Superhero Instructor!
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Hey guys! My name is Suppoman, your Superhero Cryptocurrency Instructor on BitDegree.

I live in the UK with my 12-year-old son Harry and I am a Cryptocurrency Influencer with 200,000+ followers online.

I will teach you in a simple and entertaining way. To me, learning should be easy to comprehend no matter what skill level you are at, and you should have fun doing it.

Whatever I teach, I have already mastered, and I pass my knowledge on to you. You will be taken through walkthrough tutorials that are super easy to copy and implement. You won't just see slides and theory and be left wondering how to do it.

I look forward to being your teacher and mentor, and I like to keep all my courses updated with new information and seek to respond to all questions promptly!