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What You Will Learn?

  • Learn to Develop AWS Lambda Functions
  • An All-Around Understanding of the Serverless Framework
  • Learn to Build a REST API
  • Learn Through Real-World Experience and Examples
  • An All-Around Understanding of AWS Lambda



  • It's Cool if You Have Some Basic Understanding About Python and NodeJS
  • Basic Knowledge about AWS Cloud
  • Hardware with an Operating System
  • It's an Advantage if You Have Some Experience with the Command Line
  • A Passion to Learn New Things!


Section 1: Course introduction 14:30
Section 2: AWS Lambda & Serverless - Getting Started 33:28
Section 3: AWS Lambda & Serverless - In Depth 37:15
Section 4: Real World Example 1 - S3 Thumbnails 22:13
Section 5: Real World Example 2 - REST API 28:20
Section 6: Real World Example 3 - AWS Automation - EC2 Start Stop 08:16
Section 7: Next Steps 02:49

About the Instructor

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When it comes to Apache Kafka and AWS, there can be no shadow of a doubt about Stephane Maarek’s competency! He’s an accomplished entrepreneur, engineer and consultant with a determination to make a difference. His primary tool has now become training students. Over 100,000 across 160 countries already joined Stephane’s courses, and he’s giving himself the challenge to train another 1000,000 to help make a real difference in their lives and careers.

Stephane Maarek is obsessed with technology and how it can help people improve their lives and different processes. He’s been actively involved in the open-source technology Apache Kafka, contributing to the project and also authoring blog articles in the Confluent website, the company which is behind Apache Kafka. In Stephane’s words, he loves finding problems that patiently wait till they’ll be solved.

On BitDegree, learning from Stephane Maarek, you can learn to develop AWS Lambda functions, build an all-around understanding of the serverless framework and more. And if you happen to meet him in person, you can enjoy the food he loves to cook, join in to have fun practicing Yoga together or catching waves on a surfboard traveling to different places!

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