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What Will I Learn?

  • Fundamentals of Mobile App Business and App Store Search Optimization (ASO)
  • How to Monetize Your Apps
  • How to Get Publicity and Exposure for Your Apps
  • How to Grow Your Business Beyond Mobile Apps


So, you're planning to build the coolest mobile application ever and what it to succeed in the Android and Apple app stores? It would be pretty nifty if your app was downloaded over a million times, right? In order to succeed in these missions, you need to learn the fundamental principles of app store optimization (ASO). Thankfully, this mobile app marketing tutorial is here to help.

No Prior Knowledge Required

If you're a complete newbie, all those app marketing concepts might sound intimidating. Don't you worry! This app store optimization guide is suitable for beginners. Everything will be explained slowly and steadily. For each topic, you'll be able to find a separate short video. That way you will always stay confident and be able to learn everything you need in one afternoon.

You'll start with the basics. After all, the best place to start is always at the beginning and having strong fundamentals is what lets you build a strong foundation for success. You'll learn how to release your app properly and what are the key principles of app marketing. You'll develop a strong understanding of different app platforms and stores. Then you'll move on to app store optimization. You'll discover how to pick the best keywords to draw the most attention and as a result max out your conversion rates. This guide will even give you useful tips on how to keep people interested in your app long term. This course is all you need to master app marketing without any prior knowledge!

Get Ahead of Your Competition

This app store optimization guide will teach you many application monetization techniques and strategies. They will help you maximize your app revenue with subscriptions, in-app purchases, and useful ads. You will learn how to develop your own app store optimization and mobile app marketing strategies as well as how to promote an application using social media marketing and social sharing. You'll discover app store optimization methods that professional marketing specialists use and will be able to take advantage of them. Bonus points: you won't need to hire a specialist anymore so you'll save a hefty sum of money!

You will understand how important it is to plan your monetization model and marketing strategy even before you build your app. There are a lot of different paths for you to take, that is why finding the most successful path for you is essential. Take this course before you start building apps and get ahead of the competition.

Become a Marketing Pro

This is a three-part course. The first part of this tutorial goes over the theoretical principles of app store optimization and marketing. It will help you build a solid understanding of what app marketing and monetization are and how they work. The second part focuses on practical strategies that will help you monetize your app. All of the techniques are explained step-by-step using real-life examples. So, after you finish the course, you can start using them instantly.

The last part focuses on promotion. You'll learn many effective strategies on how to promote your app. You'll discover how to use Facebook, YouTube, podcasts as well as publicity to your advantage and more. By the end of the course, you will be able to create a successful mobile app business with 1,000,000+ downloads from the Android and Apple application stores.

Become mobile application marketing specialist in one evening! Discover how to make your app go viral and begin your journey to success. Enroll and start learning NOW.


  • Interest in Mobile App Business
  • An Existing Mobile App that You Want to Grow or an Idea for a New One


Section 1: Learn App Store Optimization: Mobile App Marketing & Monetization 5:06:57
  • 01. Introduction
Section 2: App 31:19
Section 3: Extra material

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