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What You Will Learn?

  • Understand the latest features of ES6 JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Build an Angular 2 4+ application from scratch using TypeScript and the Angular command line interface.
  • Write code using the paradigm of reactive programming with RxJS and Observables.
  • Know how to Unit Test Angular using Jasmine, Karma and the Angular Test Bed



  • This courses teaches you Angular v2 4+ from scratch, you don’t need to know AngularJS 1.x.
  • Some JavaScript knowledge.
  • Must know HTML and some CSS.


Section 1: Quickstart
Section 2: ES6 & TypeScript
Section 3: Angular Command Line Interface
Section 4: Components
Section 5: Built-In Directives
Section 6: Custom Directives
Section 7: Reactive Programming with RxJS
Section 8: Pipes
Section 9: Forms
Section 10: Dependency Injection & Providers
Section 11: HTTP
Section 12: Routing
Section 13: Unit Testing
Section 14: Advanced Topics

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