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What You Will Learn?

  • You will build 5 real-world apps using Firebase database
  • You'll master the basic elements of any Android app
  • You'll get practical experience building Android apps and advanced from the basic level Android developer



  • Android Studio installed on your computer
  • A Windows PC, Mac or Linux machine
  • Basics of Java


Section 1: Introduction || Course Overview 01:05
Section 2: Android Bottom NavigationBar || Work With Android Bottom Navigation 29:31
Section 3: Android Basics Features || Learn Android Basics Features to Develop Android App 25:29
Section 4: Android Fragment || Work With Android Fragment and Build an App Using Fragment 21:33
Section 5: Your Profile Android App || Build Profile Android App for your Android Project 36:16
Section 6: Sum of Number App || Build a Sum of Number App and Learn Project Structure 11:52
Section 7: Android Dialog || Work With Android Alert Dialog and Custom Alert Dialog 24:47
Section 8: Android Date Picker || Work With Android Date Picker Dialog 13:03
Section 9: Expense Manager App || Build Expense Manager Android App Using Firebase Database 5:24:37
Section 10: Job Portal App || Build Real World Job Portal Android App Using Firebase 3:18:37
Section 11: Online Store App || Build an Online Store App Using Firebase Database 2:21:36

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I have more than 3 years teaching experience on android, ios and web programming. I love to share my coding skills with my students. I have Completed my graduation on in Software Engineering. I started my career as an Android and ios apps developer. Now I am a Full time Instructor and I work with different Online Teaching Site.

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