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What Will I Learn?

  • How to Create Affiliate Sales Funnels
  • How to Promote Your Affiliate Products with SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Media Ads.


Do you keep hearing the term "Affiliate Marketing" keep being thrown around but you are not quite sure what it means? Would you like to increase your income using simple affiliate marketing programs for beginners? This affiliate marketing for Facebook dummies course is here to help you out. It offers the ultimate affiliate marketing training. You'll learn what it is, how it works, and how to take advantage of the best affiliate marketing strategies in one afternoon.

From Zero to Hero

You'll learn how to create simple funnels, design affiliate marketing through emails strategy, figure out how to use Facebook ads, get introduced to SEO basics, choose your niche and discover where to find products to sell. This is truly the ultimate course about affiliate marketing for Facebook dummies. If these terms are not familiar to you, don't get intimidated. Everything will be explained in a straightforward manner using real-life examples. You'll start with the basics and then move on to more advanced concepts. You'll be introduced to affiliate marketing programs for beginners which you'll be able to implement instantly and start making money. Sounds good?

That's not all though. If you're just starting out, you'll be glad to hear that the teaching method is orientated to newbies but will be just as pleasing to intermediate affiliates. Most of this affiliate marketing for beginners course is focused on practical tips and tricks. So, you won't need to sit through hours of tedious technical explanations. Having a solid understanding of affiliate marketing fundamentals is crucial, but it doesn't have to drag on for too long. This tutorial will give you all the knowledge and tools fast so you can start earning in no time.

Create a Landing Page from Scratch

You'll start by creating a simple affiliate sales funnel. This affiliate marketing for Facebook dummies course will show you how to design a landing page from scratch. It will use simple techniques, so you don't need to be a designer to succeed. You'll discover how to get free images you can use, add headlines and email signup form. You'll be working with Adobe Muse. Therefore, you'll be able to preview your page instantly. In this part of the tutorial, you'll also find a lesson teaching you how to send visitors straight to the product you're trying to sell.

In the second part of this affiliate marketing for beginners tutorial, you'll master email funnels and MailChimp. You'll see how to create your sign up form and landing page to collect emails as well as how to embed email forms into an HTML or WordPress page. In addition, this tutorial will show you how to utilize email signup pop-up. You'll be working with MailChimp. It's one of the most popular marketing automation platforms created for small businesses. After mastering it, you'll move on to Facebook ads.

Use Unique Techniques to Your Advantage

In Facebook ads section you'll see how to advertise correctly to draw the maximum amount of attention to your pages and as a result product. This affiliate marketing for Facebook dummies tutorial will show you how to create ads, target the right audience, and create a promotional video.

The last parts of this affiliate marketing training will introduce you to the exciting world of SEO (search engine optimization). You'll learn SEO basics and simple SEO based strategies for affiliate marketing. You'll also discover how to use YouTube to your advantage. Learn to find your affiliate niche, products to sell, and more.

Start this affiliate marketing for Facebook dummies course now and get the complete information about affiliate marketing. Perfect for beginners and everyone who's looking to make money working online. Start learning now!


  • Being Open to Applying the Ideas From the Course.
  • Command of the English Language.


Section 1: Introduction 01:14
Section 2: First way to make affiliate funnels: outsourcing 01:45
Section 3: 2nd way to make your affiliate sales funnel pages - diy design 22:13

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