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41 Lessons

What Will You Learn?

  • Program console applications in Java
  • Understand the basics of object orientated programming
  • Apply their knowledge to any programming language!
  • Understand good programming practice
  • Create simple games and programs


Section 1: Getting Started
Installing Your Java IDE
Hello World!
Getting Started with Variables - Strings
Getting Started with Variables - Integers
All About Concatenation
Mathematics in Java Part 1
Mathematics in Java Part 2
Managing User Input
Exercises - Getting Started
Answers - Getting Started
Section 2: Conditional Statements
The "if" Keyword
The 'Else If' Keyword(s)
The 'Else' Keyword
Exercises - Conditional Statements
Answers - Conditional Statements
Section 3: Loops
While Loops
For Loops
Exercises - Loops
Answers - Loops
Section 4: Methods
Methods - Introduction
Method Parameters Part 1
Method Parameters Part 2
Method Returns
Exercises - Methods
Answers - Methods
Section 5: Classes
Classes - Introduction
Classes and Methods
'Public' by Default
Getters & Setters
Multiple Files in a Project
Exercises - Classes
Answers Classes
Section 6: Java Swing
Java Swing - Introduction
Building your GUI
Java Swing Components
Building a Calculator
Section 7: Leftovers
Try-Catch Statement



  • Any computer capable of running notepad is capable of creating Java programs.

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