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Key Takeaways

  • There are a lot of different ways to make an income for yourself using artificial intelligence. This includes website creation, audio editing, and app development.
  • The law and ethical standards are changing every single day. Hence, precaution is needed by always staying up-to-date with the latest information.
How to Make Money with AI: Top Methods for 2024

You’ve probably noticed how AI is everywhere these days, right? It’s getting smarter and more advanced even while you’re reading this, which is pretty cool. That being said, this growth also raises some questions, one of the more popular being -  “How to make money with AI?”. Well - let’s try and answer it, shall we?

Artwork is one of the most popular methods I’ve noticed being utilized. It’s extremely versatile - you can design t-shirts, stickers or even posters, you name it! Furthermore, some individuals seem to be making an extra buck by simply creating music or editing people’s podcasts with the help of AI-powered tools.

If you would like to try out some applications capable of creating artwork, Writesonic's Photosonic tool is worth a shot. Moreover, if editing videos sounds more intriguing, you can try the Pictory platform, which is specifically designed to edit professional-quality footage or you can also create courses with software such as Synthesia, as it offers a wide array of different avatars and templates you can use.

That said, it’s important to note that some AI applications are experiencing backlash and copyright infringement allegations. Hence, do use it at your own risk and keep following the latest news and trends to stay up-to-date.

Lastly, if you would like to learn more about artificial intelligence, but don’t know any reliable sources, my personal recommendation is to try out DataCamp and Udacity courses. They provide the best quality materials to help with your learning journey.

What Are Crypto Rollups? ZKSnarks vs Optimistic Rollups (ANIMATED)

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What Are Crypto Rollups? ZKSnarks vs Optimistic Rollups (ANIMATED)

What Are Crypto Rollups? ZKSnarks vs Optimistic Rollups (ANIMATED) What Are Crypto Rollups? ZKSnarks vs Optimistic Rollups (ANIMATED)

How to Make Money With AI: The Most Common Methods

Let’s address the core question, straight from the get-go: “How can I use AI to make money?”. Is it even possible? Truth be told, based on the research I have done, I can confidently say that it is indeed possible to earn some extra money on the side using the help of artificial intelligence. Let me tell you how other people have accomplished this.

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Firstly, let’s figure out what you would like to do as a side hustle and learn how to make money with AI. Would you rather be a freelancer, write your own blog, and receive sponsorships from different companies, or would you feel more comfortable writing scripts or creating social media content?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about where to begin, don’t worry. This article is your starting point, as it provides you with all the essentials you need to dive into these exciting niches. So buckle up, and let’s start uncovering the most effective methods for generating AI passive income and exploring more about how to make money with AI.

Earning Money by Writing

Using AI-powered software for writing seems to be one of the more widely used methods to generate some additional income for yourself. People have started creating storybooks for kids, and several have found this approach to be successful and profitable.

However, before we get into the specifics of it, it is important to mention one key aspect: currently, no clear-cut laws are defined in regard to copyright infringement. Hence, it all depends on future legislation, so keep an open mind to make sure your AI-assisted projects are compliant and future-proof.

How to make money with AI: Wooden gavel and books.

That being said, as I’ve mentioned above, writing and illustrating storybooks for kids seemed to be a jackpot for others. AI passive income becomes a possibility by using this approach. So, let’s dive a little bit deeper into how to accomplish this.

First and foremost, each great storybook has to have a name and the story itself, right? For this, you can count on the help of Writesonic and ChatGPT, which can be incredibly valuable to help you in the writing process[1]. These tools have been in the AI industry from the get-go, meaning they have developed some useful features.

Here are the basic steps to get started:

Step 1: Pick out the AI platform you would like to try out. As an example, I will be using Writesonic to display the whole process.

How to make money with AI: Writesonic's homepage.

Step 2: If you don’t have an account with your chosen platform, make sure to register.

How to make money with AI: Writesonic's sign up page.

Step 3: Proceed to enter the prompt in the chat window, which will then generate the text.

How to make money with AI: Writesonic's chatbot tool.

Step 4: If the generated answer suffices, copy and save it. In case you would like to make any changes, enter the requests into the chatbox as often as needed until the answer satisfies you.

How to make money with AI: Changed output.

If you would also like to learn about prompt engineering to enhance your output results while using applications such as Writesonic, Udemy is offering a great course here. However, bear in mind that some lessons include coding, so if you are not familiar with this field, I would suggest trying a different course.

Moving on, what kind of kid’s storybook doesn’t have illustrations, right? If you’re not an artist, no worries! For reference, creative workers, such as scientists and artists, already increasingly use AI[2] in their processes. AI platforms like Midjourney or Writesonic's Photosonic can turn your visions into beautiful illustrations, about which I will talk a bit later when we touch on the topic of how to make money with AI art.

Finally, when you’re ready to share your book with the world, the method that other people have tried is simple: just put it up for sale on Amazon’s Kindle Store. If the book is successful, you will receive a passive income from the royalties. The process of uploading your book to the Kindle Store should look like this:

Step 1: Access Amazon’s Kindle Store. If you already have an Amazon account, use it to log in. If you don’t have an account yet or would like to have a new one, make it by pressing the “Join KDP” button.

How to make money with AI: Amazon Kindle sign up page.

Step 2: Press the “+ Create” button, choose the type of book you want to publish (eBook, paperback, hardcover, series page) and enter the required information.

How to make money with AI: Amazon Kindle book covers.

Step 3: After filling out all of the required information, you should be all set to publicize the book.

How to make money with AI: Publish button.

Furthermore, there is also the possibility of earning money by writing blogs or social media posts. Lots of businesses these days have websites where they post articles, and as a result, there has been an increasing demand for creative and skilled writers.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that AI-powered tools, such as Writesonic, are meant to improve and hasten your writing skills. However, it’s not recommended to have it write everything by itself, since the quality of the content will be poor in comparison to a professional writer.

With that said, let’s move on to the second method.

Selling Generated Artwork

As promised, let’s overview the topic “How can I use AI to make money using artwork”. Generating art seems the way to go since now it is much easier than one could imagine!

All you have to do is find the AI platform that best suits your needs and think of a prompt. If you need a few recommendations, the most widely used applications are Midjourney, Dalle-3, Stable Diffusion, and Jasper AI.

These platforms are extremely creative tools, helping their users produce artwork with just a keyboard. Keep in mind that images generated by artificial intelligence are solely based on the person’s imagination and the ability to play with words.

How to make money with AI: A man typing on a laptop keyboard.

Additionally, if you would like to learn how to use these tools first, there is a great course on Udacity called “Digital Arts and AI Tools Fluency". This course would provide you with the knowledge needed to use the mentioned AI platforms, like Dalle-3 or Midjourney. It would also teach you the basics of digital arts and how to work with images using free online software.

That said, let’s move straight into the topic that everyone is probably most interested in: how to make money with AI art. Truth be told, the process is simple since the limit is only your creativity. As such, here are a few ideas that might inspire you.

First, you can create amazing designs by just using the right prompts and having lots of imagination. Websites such as Printify or Printful let you put those designs on products like t-shirts, phone cases, and socks, to name a few. Then, you can proceed to sell this merchandise on sites like Etsy. This is just another simple case of how to make money with AI.

How to make money with AI: Printful office building.

One more approach that people have been utilizing is making illustrations for storybooks, which I mentioned earlier. Additionally, since creating a quality prompt that would generate beautiful artwork requires some skills, there are websites that purchase such prompts or even the art itself. A few examples are Wirestock and PromptBase.

In spite of that, there are some shortcomings regarding the frequently asked question: how to make money with AI art. Usually, there will be inconsistencies, and the drawing itself can have disfigured pieces. Hence, at this moment, manually-made art surpasses machine-made in terms of quality but not the speed at which it can be produced.

Aside from that, you can still make money using it! With a great business idea and the right mindset, everything is possible.

Other Methods of How to Make Money With AI

If you’re still struggling to come up with an inspiring idea for using AI to make money, don’t worry. I still have some tested methods to share with you.

Earn Revenue by Building and Designing Websites

Perhaps you found the idea of making your own merchandise intriguing when reading about how to make money with AI art and would like to give it a shot. However, you would like to sell it on your own website instead of paying fees for using somebody else’s platform.

Additionally, keep in mind that if your website receives a fair amount of traffic, your page will have the possibility to produce income from affiliate marketing, ads or even subscriptions.

Say, the thing that is stopping you from having your own online shop is the lack of knowledge in the website-building world, along with no desire to learn everything from scratch. Let me introduce you to several popular and tested website builders that are frequently being used by all sorts of people to get started.

How to make money with AI: Website designing and creation on a laptop and a notebook.

Wix and 10Web are both perfect for startup businesses. Let me share with you how to make money with AI using these specific platforms. Artificial intelligence will ask you a few questions about your website and then proceed to build it for you entirely. Also, both Wix and 10Web allow you to set up a payment processing feature.

That being said, having powerful built-in tools gives users the freedom to design their own page however they like. Having the option to set up a payment processing feature on the website allows one to sell the merchandise I’ve mentioned previously and earn money by just entering a prompt, getting an image and placing it on an object to sell on your page.

Furthermore, one shouldn’t forget about the ability to manage everything on your website with the help of AI or passive income that would be generated from advertisements. The most important part is that with these tools, creating websites becomes a breeze.

How to make money with AI: Cubes with text passive income written on them.

If you want to have a successful business having a website is highly recommended, as it helps brands to maintain their relevancy. Therefore, if you don't have one already don't be afraid to give it a shot, especially seeing how many platforms are on the market waiting to be used.

As a result, a lot of small companies are searching for experts to manage their websites. By understanding how to make money with AI and utilizing its full potential, you could be the solution they need, offering valuable services to keep their digital presence strong and functional.

What is IOTA's Tangle? IOTA & mIOTA Animated Explainer

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What is IOTA's Tangle? IOTA & mIOTA Animated Explainer

What is IOTA's Tangle? IOTA & mIOTA Animated Explainer What is IOTA's Tangle? IOTA & mIOTA Animated Explainer

Creating and Editing Video Content

Another approach on how to use AI to make money is creating and editing videos. It’s also one of the most profitable trends there is. With the appearance of TikTok, YouTube shorts, and Instagram reels, people are able to earn quite a bit of money by simply posting an ad or being sponsored by a brand.

With that being said, it doesn’t mean that thinking of content ideas, editing and getting a big follower base is easy. It requires dedication and specific skills. However, there are various AI tools that can help. A few of them are Pictory and Synthesia, which are especially useful for those who are just starting out and need guidance.

These platforms are great for marketing and help to speed up brainstorming, writing, scheduling, optimizing, or even creating a fake persona if you don’t want to dox yourself.

How to make money with AI: Woman learning and writing notes on a laptop.

Furthermore, it is important to note that in order to edit the video, simply putting it into the AI tool will not be enough if you want to produce good-quality projects. Extra effort in learning how to properly use these tools will be needed. Understanding their features and limitations is key to leveraging AI for your creative advantage.

After getting comfortable with the AI platforms, you can proceed to think about the specific content you would like to create. Maybe you’ll discover a niche that’s currently in need of more creators or an innovative way to present your ideas to the audience.

For example, perhaps you would like to create courses and teach people how to make money with AI. As well as educate them on the AI tools you have mastered and share tips with others who are in the same spot that you once were. Simply record tutorial videos on how to use the basics of these editing platforms and upload them to sites like DataCamp or social media.

How to make money with AI: A man teaching on a laptop and a whiteboard.

This could also be a great way to generate AI passive income by having people purchase your courses. Sharing your journey and the lessons learned can inspire others to follow your footsteps.

Lastly, perhaps creating simple and funny content for TikTok or Instagram reels would be enough for you. However, please note that in order to earn money from this, you would need to have a big fanbase. Building this audience will take time and consistent effort, as will creating content that engages and entertains.

The reason why you need to have a big fanbase is because your main income would most likely be from sponsorships or affiliated marketing. Partnering with brands that align with your content and audience can turn your social media platforms into a significant source of income. However, remember that authenticity and creativity are the key points to stand out.

Offering Search Engine Optimization Services

One of the last methods in this article on how to make money with AI involves providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, which are crucial for many businesses to increase their visibility on the search result page that appears on everyone's browser.

There are several AI applications that could give you an edge against competitors. For instance, platforms like Writesonic provide instant SEO content quality checks, which can help you turn your content into a traffic-attracting masterpiece. If you want to save time and effort, this application lets you enhance your text with just a single click.

How to make money with AI: Laptop with SEO written near it.

This presents a perfect opportunity to try it out, especially given the current shortage of SEO specialists. So, if you’ve been wondering how can I use AI to make money and haven’t found an appealing answer yet, the entrepreneurial world could greatly benefit from your talents.

Moreover, if you own a website and haven’t explored SEO yet, now is the time to consider it. Proper SEO can be a game-changer, potentially elevating your site to the top search results by leveraging the right keywords.

However, it’s important to manage your expectations and keep them in check. Using AI for SEO doesn’t mean you’ll reach the top of search results right away. But even a small improvement in your site’s ranking is a step in the right direction. It shows you’re moving up and getting closer to where you want to be, attracting more people to your site.

Creating Applications by Using AI for Coding

Let’s say you have a soft spot for coding and have always wanted to learn how to make money with AI while programming, but frequently felt like you were lacking in some areas. Let me tell you about a few approaches you could try!

With the help of code completion tools such as GitHub Copilot, which is widely used worldwide, developing the application won't be so hard since it's great at generating boilerplate code for Unity games. To give you an example, I was able to prompt Copilot to make me a simple game of rock, paper, scissors within 15 minutes.

Furthermore, if you’re worried about the animation or illustration part, fear not! Remember - there are AI tools that can already take care of that.

How to make money with AI: A man writing code.

There are numerous platforms at your disposal. Browser-based generative AI tools like Skybox are specifically designed to create visual effects and realistic environments for mobile games. There is also Runway(Gen2) that offers a wide range of tools in order to generate high-quality character animations.

When combined, these platforms can become powerful assets in figuring out how to use AI to make money. You can develop a mobile game with artificial intelligence and sell it in app stores. That said, there are two main ways to generate revenue via this method.

The first method involves making your game a paid one, charging users who wish to download and play it. However, from my experience, developers often prefer the second option: releasing the game for free while generating revenue through advertisements. With this approach, game developers frequently offer an option to pay additional fees to remove ads from the game.

How to make money with AI: A man with cup of coffee and a laptop with advertising written on it.

A major advantage of the latter strategy is that it appeals to everyone. It draws in folks who don’t mind paying a little to skip ads for a better gaming experience and also those who prefer to play for free, even if it means watching some ads now and then.

For those interested in how to make money with AI in gaming, Unity’s ad platform is an excellent choice for monetization. One of its standout features is its seamless integration with the Unity game engine, making it easy for developers to implement and manage ads within their games.

Lastly, after developing your game with AI, the next steps are simple for launching it on the App Store and Google Play Store:

Step 1: Finalize your game, ensuring it adheres to each store’s guidelines.

How to make money with AI: Paper with terms and conditions.

Step 2: Sign up for developer accounts on both platforms. For example, here is what you will need for a Google Play Store developer account.

How to make money with AI: Google Play Store developer account requirements.

Step 3: Upload your game, add descriptions, and choose a monetization strategy. This is where you decide how to make money with AI - through direct sales, in-app purchases, or ads.

Step 4: Submit your game for review. Once approved, it will be live in the stores and ready to generate revenue.

With that said, keep in mind that the core of success lies in a great idea. An interesting game is key to drawing users. Dive into AI game development with creativity and passion to truly tap into the potential of making money with AI by creating mobile games.

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Editing and Creating Audio Using AI

Moving on to the last (but certainly not least) method of how to make money with AI, let’s dive into the world of the audio industry. Making tunes and editing sounds with AI is pretty cool because it allows you to do much more than just simply fix the audio. If you’re interested in game development, you might also want to try creating background sounds for your app.

Platforms such as Mubert, Descript, and LalalAI offer capabilities for making your own music, transcribing, editing audio, or even cloning voices. In the right hands, these tools greatly simplify the audio creation and editing process.

If you’re thinking, “How can I use AI to make money with sounds?” here’s the deal. People out there have already started offering such services as making podcasts sound better. For this specific instance, others are using AI platforms like Podcastle. It is a simple-to-use digital audio workstation that lets people easily enhance their content quality.

How to make money with AI: A man editing a video.

In this niche, you can create original music that could generate a decent amount of royalties depending on its popularity. One great real-life example is a song named “Heart on My Sleeve”, which was a viral AI-made collaboration song between Drake and the Weeknd. However, it was taken down due to copyright infringement, underlying the need to stay original.

That being said, you are also probably wondering how to get started. A few bits of advice would be learning to properly use the AI tools mentioned above. The majority of these AI platforms are easy to get the hang of, and they even show you how to start. Once you’ve got a portfolio of what you can do, show it off on freelance sites like Fiverr or your social media.

One last tip on how to make money with AI involves subtitles. If you already have a big audience and like to upload videos to sites such as YouTube, you can use the Nova A.I software allows you to translate the video and add subtitles. This way, your content would be accessible to a wider audience, generating more revenue.

Use at Your Own Discretion

We’ve explored the boundless possibilities artificial intelligence provides when trying to learn how to make money with AI, from having the ability to write storybooks and illustrate them with artwork at the same time to building websites, editing videos and looking into the audio industry.

That said, with great power comes great responsibility. It’s important to keep in mind that while it is an innovative tool, it is currently navigating through murky waters concerning copyright laws and ethical standards.

At the moment, most of the lawsuits are happening because artists and authors feel like AI platforms are stealing their work and making mediocre replicas. Unfortunately, since no clear-cut laws are in place, the plaintiffs seem to be losing the majority of these cases.

As such, our recommendation would be to use AI as a tool to enhance your skills but not to replace them. While how to use AI to make money offers exciting ways to make an income, it's best to use these platforms to reduce workload and improve the quality of your project rather than letting them do the entirety of the work.

Lastly, remember that staying updated and ethical in your AI journey is key. Always be on the lookout for updates in AI regulations and laws.


Wrapping up this journey on how to make money with AI, I think we can all agree that AI tools offer a wide range of features showcasing their versatility, providing us with many innovative ways to earn some extra cash. We’ve discussed everything from drawing and writing with AI to creating websites, videos, and more.

One might ask, “Is it even worth getting into?”. Absolutely! Learning how to handle these tools, which could very well shape our future, is definitely a smart move. Artificial intelligence is here to stay, aiming to make our lives easier, not to take over our jobs.

Most importantly, remember that the goal isn’t just to figure out how to make money with AI. It is also about mixing your skills with it to create something amazing! So, dive in, play around with the possibilities that AI offers and use it to give your work extra spice.

Additionally, don’t forget to give learning platforms like DataCamp and Udacity a look since they would actually prove useful in learning the specifics of AI platforms and how to use them. Also, don't be afraid to give Pictory, Synthesia, and Writesonic a shot, as they might prove useful in other fields, not just in generating money.

Just keep it cool and stay smart about how you use AI, and who knows? You might just find a new way to do what you love and make some money along the way.

The content published on this website is not aimed to give any kind of financial, investment, trading, or any other form of advice. BitDegree.org does not endorse or suggest you to buy or use any kind of AI tool. Before making financial investment decisions, do consult your financial advisor.

Scientific References

1. C. West.: 'ChatGPT Content Creation: SEO, YouTube, Book Writing & More Made Easy';

2. R. Wingström., J. Hautala., R. Lundman.: 'Redefining Creativity in the Era of AI? Perspectives of Computer Scientists and New Media Artists'.

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How to make money with AI?

There are numerous ways that people can learn how to make money with AI, including creating artwork-related products, developing mobile game applications, writing and selling children’s books or even editing someone else’s podcast. The hardest part is figuring out what exactly you want as your side hustle and mastering the skills needed for platforms, such as Synthesia, Pictory or Writesonic. For the latter part, you can get help with DataCamp courses.

How to sell AI-made work?

When it comes to selling AI-related products, it comes down to what you want to place on the market. There are websites like WireGuard that could purchase artwork generated with AI tools, or if you want to sell your own skills like editing audio or building websites, you can do so on freelancing sites such as Fiverr. Learning platforms like Udacity have great courses that would teach you how to sell your work and make some extra money.

What are Artificial Intelligence tools?

AI tools are software environments designed to help people create art, write content, edit or generate videos. AI applications integrate various models, including machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), deep learning (DL), or data analytics to execute various tasks. AI platforms like Synthesia or Writesonic enable individuals or businesses to create realistic AI-generated videos, output high-quality written content, and automate various tasks.

What are the types of AI tools?

The most popular types of AI tools include writing assistants, chatbots, voice and image generators, and website builders. Writing assistants, such as Writesonic and Quillbot, are designed to help users create content, fix grammar, or rephrase the whole text. While chatbots can partially automate and alleviate customer success work, AI apps such as video generators and editors (Pictory, Descript, and Synthesia) can help you customize and make new footage. AI website builders are great for quick and efficient website creation.

How to pick the best AI platform?

Choosing the best AI tools mainly depends on the specific task you plan to accomplish. The general criteria that should be considered are the quality of the services, speed, user interface, and pricing structure. For instance, if you’re looking for AI platforms that you could use as writing assistants, Writesonic and Quillbot tick off the above-mentioned criteria. On the other hand, if you need AI applications for editing or generating videos, Pictory and Synthesia are known to deliver excellent results. Ultimately, the best choice will vary depending on your needs.

Which AI applications are the best for beginners?

Platforms such as Writesonic, Quillbot, and Synthesia are known for their beginner-friendly features, which makes them some of the best AI tools for starting out. In fact, finding the best artificial intelligence applications for beginners is not a difficult task, as most platforms offer a fairly similar and minimalistic interface. While some software may be a bit harder to get used to, the majority of the work is done by AI, and users are more likely to encounter challenges with prompt engineering than with navigating the software.



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