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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand facebook ads
  • Perfect facebook targetting
  • Make online sales


  • facebook page
  • AD Account
  • NFT Certificate
  • 10 Lessons
  • Beginner
  • English
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Course consist of total 56min of content, in total.

Section 1: Introduction
6 - Strategy 2 - Winning Audience Testing
7 - Strategy 3 - Creative Testing Like A Pro
8 - Strategy 4 - Using Audience Insights
9 - Understanding Research Tool
10 - Strategy 5 - Targetting Hidden Audiences

About the Instructor

Love teaching Digital Marketing - Facebook marketing, PPC, SEO, Google Ads, Instagram marketing, Youtube video advertising, and social media marketing training's to help develop a career for individuals that leads them to success and growth in their life and career.

My goal as a mentor is to deliver my knowledge to every single one of you to become successful in life and help obtain financial freedom and a good career path ahead in the field of digital.

I am a digital entrepreneur with a Masters degree with over 4 years of experience. I have worked for or have been employed by more than 25 brands during all these years and have learned a lot from my experience in being successful and sometimes a failure.

I also own a digital marketing agency and have taught more than 30k+ students from around the world ~ 145+ countries.

Do check my free training, as a gift from me to you for reading out my Bio.

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