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What You Will Learn?

  • Complete Python from Scratch
  • Build real world Python Applications
  • Will know the art of Programming
  • Make yourself capable to be a professional



  • There is no such requirements for this course. We have started this course from complete scratch


Section 1: Getting Started with Python
Section 2: Digging More in Basics
Section 3: Bonus Section : Learn while you Earn - Take a Break from Python
Section 4: Object Oriented Programming in Python
Section 5: Dealing with Errors in Python
Section 6: File Handling
Section 7: Graphical User Interface (GUI) with Tkinter in Python
Section 8: Python Magic Functions
Section 9: Threads
Section 10: Linked List
Section 11: Socket Programming
Section 12: Python Comprehension
Section 13: Decorators
Section 14: Descriptors
Section 15: Random Module
Section 16: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
Section 17: Documentation
Section 18: Python Advance Comments
Section 19: Python Generators
Section 20: Databases in Python- SQLite3
Section 21: Arcade Module
Section 22: Graphs and Numerical Computation using Numpy Library
Section 23: Co-Routine in Python
Section 24: Regular Expressions
Section 25: GUI based Pro YouTube Download Manager using pytube Module
Section 26: GUI Based Text Editor
Section 27: GUI Based Music Player

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