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Section 1: Getting Started with Python
Section Overview
Print Statement
Intro to Strings
Number and Variables
Loops in Python
Conditional Statements
Continue and Break Statement
Taking Input from User
Set Operations
Sets and Frozen Sets
String Built-in Functions
Section 2: Digging More in Basics
Section Overview
Boolean Variables
Arithmetic and Assignment Operators
Comparisons and Logical Operators
Identity and Membership Operators
Bitwise and Operator Precedence
List and Tuple in Python
Functions Overview
Making Functions in Python
Function Arguments
Default Value of Argument
Keyword Arguments
Unpacking Arguments
Reducing Functions
Partial Functions
1D and 2D Arrays in Python
Arrays vs List
Normal, Shallow and Deep Copy
Section 3: Bonus Section : Learn while you Earn - Take a Break from Python
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Section 4: Object Oriented Programming in Python
OOP Section Overview
Introduction to OOP
Classes and Objects Overview
Accessing Class Attributes
Method vs Function
Everything is an Object in Python
Initializer Function in Python
Doc Strings
Modules in Python
Main Function
Hierarchical Inheritance
Multi Level Inheritance
Hybrid Inheritance
Method Overloading
Operator Overloading
Encapsulation and Access Modifiers
Polymorphism in Python
Abstract Classes and Methods
Making Abstract Classes and Methods
Static vs Class vs Instance Method
Section 5: Dealing with Errors in Python
Section Overview
Errors and Exceptions
Handling Exceptions
Try and Except Block
Else Block in Exception Handling
Finally Clause in Exception Handling
Raising Exceptions
Section 6: File Handling
Section Overview
File Handling Introduction
Creating a Text File
Modes in Python
Modes for other file types
Reading from a Text File
Rename a File
Writing to a Text File
Saving Data to a File
Appending to a File
Closing a File
Deleting File and Folder
With Statement
Writing Dictionary to a File
Section 7: Graphical User Interface (GUI) with Tkinter in Python
Section Overview
GUI Introduction
Tkinter GUI Window
Changing Background of a Window
Label Widgets
Tkinter Canvas
More on Tkinter Canvas
Tkinter Frames
Adding Elements to a Frame
Changing Background Effects on Frame or Canvas
GUI Canvas inside the Frame
Creating Text Field
Check Box Widget
Radio Button Widget
Combo Box Widget
Attaching Events to Buttons (Part - 1)
Attaching Events to Buttons (Part - 2)
GUI Layout Manager
Simple Dialog for Data Entry
Message Boxes
Menus in Python
Adding Indicators to Menues
GUI Based Simple Calculator Application
Section 8: Python Magic Functions
Magic Functions- Introduction
Binary Operators-Magic Methods
Unary Operators-Magic Methods
Comparison Operators-Magic Methods
Extended Assignment Operator-Magic Methods
Examples - Magic Methods
Section 9: Threads
Section Overview
Process vs Thread
Main Thread
Ways of Creating Threads in Python
Using Functions to create Thread
Thread Names
Targeting Multiple Thread
Creating Thread by extending the Thread Class
Creating Thread without extending the Thread Class
Sleep Method
Programming the Scenario
Producer Consumer Problem
Synchronization with Locks
Section 10: Linked List
Linked List-Introduction
Singly and Doubly Linked List
Create and Traverse in Single Linked List
Insertion in Single Linked List
Deletion in Single Linked List
Creation of Doubly Linked List
Insertion in Doubly Linked List
Appending Record in Doubly Linked List
Deletion in Doubly Linked List
Section 11: Socket Programming
Section Overview
What is a Socket
Network and Internet
Lets start Socket Programming
Server Side
Client Side
File Server
File Client
GUI Based Chat Room Overview
Chat Room Server side
Chat Room Client Side
Section 12: Python Comprehension
Comprehension Introduction
List Comprehension
Dictionary in Python
Section 13: Decorators
Meta Programming- Introduction
Decorators Introduction
Function Decorators
More on Function Decorators
Class Decorators
Meta Classes - Introduction
Creating Meta Classes
Section 14: Descriptors
Descriptors- Introduction
Get, Set and Del Descriptors
Calling a Descriptor
Descriptor Protocols
Section 15: Random Module
The Complete Random Module
Section 16: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
Section Overview
Understanding SMTP
Sending Emails using the SMTP module
Sending Rendered HTML Emails
Sending Emails with some kind of Attachment
Section 17: Documentation
Documentation- Introduction
Doc Strings
Doc Strings Types
Importance of Documentation
Section 18: Python Advance Comments
Advance Comments
Section 19: Python Generators
Generator- Introduction
Generators with Examples
Python Generators Expressions
Why Generators
Section 20: Databases in Python- SQLite3
Section Overview
Creating a Database
DB Browser Installation
Creating a Table and Inserting Data into it
Inserting Data
Selecting Data From the Database
Ordering the Data
Distinct Data
WHERE Clause
Limiting the Data
Matching with the Data
GLOB Operator
Sqlite Aggregate Functions
Updating the Data
Deleting the Data
UNION Operator
Alter Table
Sqlite String Functions
Sqlite Maths Function
Section 21: Arcade Module
Arcade Module- Introduction
Sad Faces
Still Imaging
Auto Timer
Auto Snow
Auto Radar
User Controlled Moving Objects
Section 22: Graphs and Numerical Computation using Numpy Library
Section Overview
Different Types of Graphs
Making a Simple Line Graph
RGB Decimal Code
Labels and Title
Marker, Line style and Line width
Multi Line Graph
Bar Chart
Styling the Bar Chart
Pie Chart
Making a Histogram Graph
Numerical Computation with Numpy Module-Compute Advance Functions
Using Numpy to make Complex Graphs
Section 23: Co-Routine in Python
Co-Routine- Introduction
Creating Co-Routine
Pipe-lining in Co-Routine
Closing a Co-Routine
Section 24: Regular Expressions
Regular Expressions- Introduction
RE Module Functions
Match Function
Some Comparision
Examples- RE
Section 25: GUI based Pro YouTube Download Manager using pytube Module
YouTube Download Manager- OverView
YouTube Download Manager Part 1
YouTube Download Manager Part 2
Section 26: GUI Based Text Editor
Text Editor Part-1
Text Editor Part-2
Text Editor Part-3
Section 27: GUI Based Music Player
Music Player Part - 1
Music Player Part - 2
Music Player Part - 3
Music Player Part - 4
Music Player Part - 5
Music Player Part - 6
Music Player Part - 7
Music Player Part - 8
Music Player Part - 9
Music Player Part - 10
Music Player Part - 11
Music Player Part - 12



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