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What You Will Learn?

  • Hold conversations in Arabic with people!
  • Learn the basics of the Lebanese/Levantine Dialect!
  • Learn the ''Internet Language'' on how Arabs communicate together on Social Media!
  • Focusing more on the Levantine/Middle Eastern dialect than Fusha!



  • Pen, Paper and curiosity on how Arabs speak Arabic so fast! :)


Section 1: Introduction 2:47:14

About the Instructor

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Hello! My name is Ali Matar, and I am a Lebanese Architect-to-be studying in Germany. I am a certified teacher for teaching Arabic. Since my aim is to teach people how to speak Arabic like Arabs do and not just read and learn ''Fusha'' I decided to start doing Lebanese Arabic courses online.

I also work as a translator for Syrian refugees. I translate from German to Arabic and vice-versa. I am also a Lebanese Youtuber living in Germany where I do videos about the difference in cultures and languages.

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