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121 Lessons

What Will You Learn?

  • Basics of Python Programming
  • How to Write Error Free Code
  • Problem Solving Techniques Using Python Programming
  • How to Create Real World Applications Using Object Oriented Concepts
  • And more!


Section 1: Introduction
Setting Python Environment
Create Your First Project
Section 2: Data Types, Variables, Operators
Data Types
How to Take Inputs From User
How to Name a Variable: Naming rules
Operators Precedence
Modulus of Negative Number
Mutable and Immutable Objects
Quiz on Data Types, Variables, Operators
Section 3: Conditional Statements
If Else Statement
Elif Ladder: Multiple conditions
Membership Operators
Combining Conditions: Logical Operators
Nested Conditions
Quiz on Conditional Statements
Section 4: String Manipulation
Strings Introduction
String Indexing
String Slicing
String Comparison
Quiz on Strings
Section 5: List and Tuple Data Structures
Quiz on List and Tuple Data Structures
Section 6: Loops: Learn How to Perform Repetitive Task
While Loop
Break and Continue
For Loop
Else Block in Loop
Range Function
Looping Techniques
Nested Loops
Quiz on loops
Section 7: Functions
Function Introduction
Functions Example
Symbol Table
Function Help
Documentation Strings
Default Arguments
Arbitrary Arguments
Lambda Function
Nested Functions
Quiz on functions
Section 8: Built-in Functions
String Functions
List Functions
Measure Execution Time of Small Code
Shallow and Deep Copy
Quiz on Built-in Functions
Section 9: Set and Dictionaries
Set Introduction
Set Operations
Quiz on Set and Dictionaries
Section 10: Modules
Module Introduction
How to Import a Module
Dir Function : Print Namespace
Builtin Modules: Math and Random
Section 11: Packages
Package Introduction
How to Import a Package
External Package
Section 12: Exception Handling
Exception Handling: Introduction
How to Handle an Exception: try, except, finally
Exception Handling: Example
Exception Else Clause
How to Raise an Exception
Section 13: File Management
File Handling: Reading and Writing
Writing on Files
Reading From Files
Tell and Seek Function
OS Module
Section 14: Regular Expressions
Regular Expression: Introduction
Special Characters
Regular Expression: Set
Split and Sub Function
Section 15: Object Oriented Concepts
Object Oriented Programming: Introduction
Class and Object
Class and Instance Example: 1
Class and Instance Example: 2
Class Properties
Types of Method
Instance Method
Class Method
Static Method
Single Inheritance and Method Overriding
Multi Level Inheritance
Special Methods in Python
Special Methods Example
Section 16: Database: SQLite
Database SQLite: Introduction
Create Database and Table
Insert Record
SQL Injection Attack
Insert Multiple Records
Fetch Record
Where Clause
SQL Functions
Update Record
Delete Record
Section 17: Web Scraping
Web Scraping Introduction
HTML Introduction
CSS Introduction
External CSS
ID and Class
Parent, Child, Siblings
Web Scraping Project Setup
Access Attributes
Web Scraping Functions
External Website
Web Scraping Example
Using Regular Expression: Scraping Example
Section 18: Data Science Introduction
Introduction to Data Science
NumPy Introduction
NumPy Functions
Matplotlib Introduction
Different Types of Charts
Pandas Introduction
Pandas Functions



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