38 Lessons

What Will You Learn?

  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


Section 1: Why Learn HTML CSS JavaScript
Importance of HTML CSS JavaScript
Section 2: Microsoft Expression Web 4
Download & Installation
Section 3: HTML & XML Concepts & Demo
HTML & XML Presentation
HTML & XML Presentation Video
HTML H1-H6-P Tags
HTML Table Tag
HTML Iframe Image Tag
HTML Form Tag
Section 4: CSS Concepts & Demo
CSS Presentation PowerPoint
CSS Presentation PowerPoint Video
CSS Inline Example Video One
CSS Inline Example Video Two
CSS Internal Example Video
CSS External Example Video
CSS Type Selectors Example Video
CSS Class Selectors Example Video
CSS ID Selectors Example Video
CSS Universal Selectors Example Video
CSS Attribute Selectors Example Video
CSS Example Files
Section 5: JavaScript Concepts & Demo
HTML JavaScript Presentation PPT
HTML JavaScript Presentation Video
HTML JavaScript Presentation Examples
JavaScript Change HTML Content With Function
JavaScript Change HTML Content Without Custom Function
JavaScript Change HTML Content Using External JavaScript File
JavaScript Change HTML Element Attribute
JavaScript Function Return Value
JavaScript External File Example Two
Common JavaScript Commands to Remember Video
Important HTML & JavaScript Samples
Section 6: HTML CSS JavaScript Automation Usage
Using CSS In Selenium IDE Test Automation
Selenium IDE Example - Carefirst Doctor Finder
JavaScript Commands Selenium IDE Example
Section 7: Element Locating Techniques Using CSS & Xpath
CSS Tips in Locating Web Elements
XPATH Tips in Locating Web Elements



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