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What Will I Learn?

  • How to Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon
  • How to Improve Your Brand and Credibility
  • How to Turn Writing Into a Source of Passive Income


Have you ever thought about being a writer? Have you ever wondered how to sell books on Amazon to make a better income? Don't know where to start? Don't worry, this course is here to help you out to learn about self publishing on Amazon. You will no longer have to Google how to sell books on Amazon as all the answers are given in this course!

This quick guide will lead you through the steps of how to start selling your books and how to make them best-sellers. With no pressure or rush, you'll be able to learn all the secrets of getting an amount of passive income through selling books on Amazon. The secret techniques will be revealed, and you will become a best-selling author on Amazon in no time.

Take Advantage form Publishers

Bring credibility to your work and make it known to the world! This quick course will teach you how to brand yourself as a best-selling author even if you don’t have serious writing skills. You will learn how to benefit from Amazon’s democratization of book publishing to turn your books into a source of passive income and good publicity. You will learn how to sell books on Amazon and become a famous self-publishing writer. All you have to do is to master the methods of book publishing to have a sleek and fast income from the books you sell.

However, keep in mind that this course won't teach you any writing techniques to become a better writer. Although your writing skills might not be on the peak, you can still earn quite a lot if you know how to sell books on Amazon. There are a few tricks you have to remember before you start self publishing on Amazon. All of the good stuff is listed right here in this course with no additional reading needed.

Learn How to Appeal to Everyone

Some people don't read paperback books; they prefer reading from electronic book readers or their smartphones. But that is not a problem! This course will not only teach you how to sell books on Amazon, but you'll also gain knowledge about Amazon Kindle publishing. Knowing how to sell both - paperback and electronic books will make your writing attractive for a more significant mass of people. That means, your book will be more visible and will earn you more attention, hence more income. Although, you have to gain a few skills to start Amazon Kindle publishing.

A Best-Selling Author Shares His Tricks

Three times best-selling author on Amazon, Alex Genadinik, teaches this course and shares his best tricks on how to sell books on Amazon and how to start Amazon Kindle publishing. He has sold around 1,000,000 copies of his paperback and Kindle books, so he definitely knows what he's talking about. Alex Genadinik will introduce you to the best methods of how to benefit from publishers such as Amazon, which will guarantee you some good passive income.

The course Alex conducts is divided into six smaller sections, from whom each will cover a different topic. You will start with the ways on how to sell your book with right SEO strategies, and tips from his own practice. You'll move on to different selling strategies and how to use Amazon's advertising system to learn how to sell books on Amazon quickly. By the end of the course, you will comprehend the best strategies for self publishing on Amazon, all thanks to this course.

So, do you want to know how to sell books on Amazon and become a best-selling author to boost your fame and income, too? Don't hesitate and enroll now!


  • Interest in Becoming a Best-Selling Author
  • Command of the English Language


Section 1: Introduction 00:38
Section 2: Amazon and Kindle basics 30:12
Section 3: What I did to become a best seller 12:39
Section 4: How to write titles and descriptions to make people buy 16:56
Section 5: Additional sales and marketing tips 10:30
Section 6: Amazon Ads 04:04

About the Instructor

Alex Genadinik

  • 4.5 Average Rating
  • 2,225 Reviews
  • 19,875 Students
  • 40

Alex Genadinik is an experienced instructor, teacher, entrepreneur and book author. He is an expert in software engineering, SEO and social marketing, app development and entrepreneurship. His achievement in numbers:

- Developed over 100 online courses;
- Attracted more than 100,000 students;
- Best-selling Amazon author for three times. Around 1,000,000 people bought the books;
- Consulted over 1,000 businesses;
- His apps on business were downloaded over 1,000,000 times across Kindle, iOS and Android;
- Owner of a business channel on Youtube


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