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  • The basics of how to edit a video from start to completion
  • Learn techniques for adding visual effects, transitions, audio effects, and titles
  • Creating 3D fusion compositions for titles and special effects like particles
  • Color grading adjustments to your video so you can change the look of your video, even targeting changes to specific objects in your video



  • Pickup DaVinci Resolve 16 free from the Blackmagicdesign website
  • Ideal if you have good general computer skills - they'll be a lot of dragging objects, pressing and holding, and hotkeys (shortcuts)


Section 2: Timeline Editing 25:21
Section 3: Making 3D Effects in Fusion 34:56
Section 4: Color Grading & Color Tab Topics 22:48
Section 5: Audio Mixing 30:06
Section 6: Exporting Videos 09:16

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As it regards to information technology or to learning in general, my philosophy is quite simple: the best way to learn is through video tutorials. I have created a lot of learning material, and it is up to you, the student, to do your best to absorb the knowledge and practice, so you become more educated and skilled!

You can also find me on my YouTube channel Chris' Tutorials. Check it out to get a taste of my approach to education!

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