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What Will I Learn?

  • Computer forensic investigation
  • Cyber crime investigation
  • How hackers trick people


If you want to learn about computer forensics and cybercrime investigation or if you want to become an investigator, this course is for you!

I have a lot of experience in computer forensics. I have worked on more than 3 000 cybercrime cases as an investigator. Currently, I am helping Indian law enforcement agencies in combating cybercrime. I have created this course to transform your life from what you are right now to what you could become!

Digital Forensics Combat The Crime of Today

Today's world is cyber so it is no surprise that computer crime is on the rise. Police, government institutions and even corporate entities use computer forensics tools to solve cases related to computer and digital devices.

Whether you are starting out and do not even know what is computer forensics, or if you are an established professional, this course will help you start a new career or develop an existing one.  Having a computer forensic investigator certificate is extremely valuable in the network security community.

You Will Learn Forensic Analysis and A Lot More

  • How to conduct an investigation in computer forensics
  • What legal issues face digital forensics?
  • How to search for evidence and digital footprints
  • How to use Kali Linux
  • The methodologies of acquiring and seizing digital devices
  • What is digital evidence and how to examine it
  • The categories of electronic crime
  • How to set up a forensic lab in the computer
  • How does Windows forensics work?
  • Non-volatile and volatile information gatherings
  • RAM Dump with forensics analysis
  • How to recover deleted files
  • Steganalysis and steganography
  • How to investigate password attacks
  • How to generate investigative reports
  • The forensics of multimedia
  • How hackers erase evidence with anti-forensics techniques
  • And BONUS: examining website hacking and social media and email crimes.

The World Is Getting More Dangerous

There are many types of cybercrime: financial fraud crimes, cyber terrorism, cyber extortion, cyberwarfare. Your own computer can be used for such cyber crimes as identify theft, phishing, spam.

It is not easy to definitely say how much does cybercrime cost to the global economy. Reuters reported in 2014 that the annual damage to the economy might be as high as 445 billion USD. A 2016 study by Juniper Research came to a conclusion that the damage could go even higher and reach 2.1 trillion by 2019.

One fact is obvious - as long as our world is getting more cyber, as long as we are buying more devices which are more and more complex, opportunities to commit cybercrimes will rise.

The only way to combat the rising cybercrime is to know more than the cybercriminals do.  You must understand how to cyberwarfare works because this problem is not going away on its own. A more complex world can only bring more complex challenges to every one of us. The only way out is to be educated and to be ready.

Become a Computer Forensics Investigator!

Complete this course and find out how to use the tools and techniques used by most forensic science laboratories which work on solving computer-related crimes.

Have a Joyful Journey of Learning!


  • Curiosity and passion to learn
  • Computer and internet
  • The passion to become a computer forensics expert


Section 1: Introduction To Computer Forensics Or Digital Forensics 12:27
Section 2: Inevitability During Computer Forensics Investigation : Legal Issues 04:36
Section 3: Imaging/Acquisition of Operating System 15:51
Section 4: Computer Forensics Lab Setup 18:49
Section 5: Digital Forensics Investigation : Analysis of Acquired Image 42:57
Section 6: Browser Forensics 10:54
Section 7: Multimedia Forensics 07:55
Section 8: Tacking RAM Dump & Volatile Memory Analysis 12:51
Section 9: Anti-Forensics Techniques & Detection 29:05
Section 10: BONUS : Cyber Crime Investigation 10:56

About the Instructor

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I am an extremely passionate security enthusiast, digital forensics expert, cybercrime investigator, professional hacker, law enforcement agencies trainer and a security researcher. I work part-time for Rajasthan Police, also known as Cyber Crime Cell.

I have acquired over 7 Years of experience in conducting Hacking Crime-Investigation workshops in State Police Academies, Central Detective Training School, Indian Army, Central Bureau Of Investigation,  NYPD, INTERPOL, DRDO.


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