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What You Will Learn?

  • Computer forensic investigation
  • Cyber crime investigation
  • How hackers trick people



  • Curiosity and passion to learn
  • Computer and internet
  • The passion to become a computer forensics expert


Section 1: Introduction To Computer Forensics Or Digital Forensics 12:27
Section 2: Inevitability During Computer Forensics Investigation : Legal Issues 04:36
Section 3: Imaging/Acquisition of Operating System 15:51
Section 4: Computer Forensics Lab Setup 18:49
Section 5: Digital Forensics Investigation : Analysis of Acquired Image 42:57
Section 6: Browser Forensics 10:54
Section 7: Multimedia Forensics 07:55
Section 8: Tacking RAM Dump & Volatile Memory Analysis 12:51
Section 9: Anti-Forensics Techniques & Detection 29:05
Section 10: BONUS : Cyber Crime Investigation 10:56

About the Instructor

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I am an extremely passionate security enthusiast, digital forensics expert, cybercrime investigator, professional hacker, law enforcement agencies trainer and a security researcher. I work part-time for Rajasthan Police, also known as Cyber Crime Cell.

I have acquired over 7 Years of experience in conducting Hacking Crime-Investigation workshops in State Police Academies, Central Detective Training School, Indian Army, Central Bureau Of Investigation,  NYPD, INTERPOL, DRDO.