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What You Will Learn?

  • Learn About the Design Solutions of CodeDeploy
  • Learn to Create CodeDeploy Deployment Groups
  • Learn to Create CodeDeploy Revisions
  • Learn to Troubleshoot CodeDeploy Problems



  • Basic Knowledge of AWS EC2
  • Basic Knowledge of AWS S3
  • Basic Understanding of Elastic Load Balancing
  • Basic IT and Scripting Experience


Section 2: CodeDeploy Revisions 46:58
Section 3: CodeDeploy Applications, Deployment Groups, and Deployment Configurations 19:35
Section 4: Project 1 - Simple CodeDeploy Revision Deployment 49:53
Section 5: Project 2 - Troubleshooting CodeDeploy 36:55
Section 6: Project 3 - Zero-Downtime Deployments 58:40
Section 7: Until Next Time 02:32

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I am not just another I.T. trainer. I teach Cloud because I know it. Inside and out. I've worked as a systems administrator, developer, solutions architect & managing director/general manager for some of the biggest companies in cloud

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