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What You Will Learn?

  • Understanding Node NPM, CLI , VS ,Typescript and Webpack build tool.
  • Understanding Module and Component architecture in angular. Understanding important properties of component like templateurl , styleurl and selector.
  • Understanding configuration files like Angular json , tsconfig json , package json file and semantic versioning.
  • Understanding Routing ,router-outlet , routeLink and Lazy loading
  • Angular validation using formgroup , formcontrols and validators.



  • Basic JavaScript and HTML knowledge needed.
  • Basic programming knowledge is needed.
  • You do not need to know any old Angular version of Angular.


Section 1: Lab 1: - Running your first Angular Application. 1:11:34
Section 2: Lab 2: - Creating the Customer UI, Model and Component. 39:49
Section 3: Lab 3: - Angular Routing: Creating Master pages and navigations 30:51
Section 4: Lab 4: - Increasing Performance using Lazy Loading. 35:48
Section 5: Lab 5: - Implement Validations in Angular. 41:04
Section 6: Lab 6: - Angular Dependency Injection. 34:42
Section 7: Lab 7: - Input,output and event emitters. 38:06
Section 8: Lab 8: - Make HTTP calls using Angular Components. 41:41
Section 9: Lab 9: - Integrating MVC Core with Angular using Visual Studio. 1:30:34
Section 10: Question 1: - Can we have multiple components in Startup? 08:55

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My name is Shivprasad Koirala (this is my recent time photo), I love teaching and learning, I started QuestPond website 15 years back with the one single goal creating quality step by step IT programming related lessons.

I saw many lessons online, either they are done too fast or too slow or are too complicated.

The main goal of Questpond is to create Step by Step lessons on C#, ASP.NET, Design patterns, SQL and so on. As years moved on, I added other step by step lessons like Angular, SharePoint, MSBI, Azure and so on.

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