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Anand is a student and he has been programming over the past two years. He has published software written in python and c, which can be found on his GitHub and sourceforge account. Anand has also created a website for himself. He did study data science and deep learning but now he wants to create or learn something that applies to the real world. He wishes to apply his knowledge on real world project and wants to be a professional. Anand believes that sponsored "AI in Stock Market Predictions: Learn How to Use TensorFlow and Python" course would help him achieve his goals.

AI in Stock Market Predictions: Learn How to Use TensorFlow and Python

John Bura 06 November, 2019

HTML Coding For Beginners Course: Learn HTML in 1 Hour

John Bura 28 June, 2019

JavaScript Tutorial: Learn JavaScript Just in 1 Hour

John Bura 15 October, 2018

Schooling upto xiith standard - 

Golden Bell Public School

- June, 2017

B.Tech - 

Government Engineering Collage Banka