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I love Chess Mathematics Music and Doing software program. By truth in my own way and VISUAL SPATIAL APPROACH, I am a studios person i don't care how much hours I will spend in learning as long as I can see videos and when reading as long as pictures are presented.

Complete Web Design Course HTML CSS JavaScript

Laurence Svekis 19 June, 2021

Python Data Structures Tutorial: Ultimate Guide on Data Science

John Bura 13 December, 2020

Git Tutorial for Beginners: Master Version Control

Travels Code by Maksym Rudnyi 31 August, 2020

Learn Web Design: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

LearnToProgram 25 August, 2020

Computer System ****yst and Programmer

DreamLine Travel - Information Technology

March, 2006 - June, 2006

In between Boss Mausha Took me to Hossein Mohammadi and Be with All the developer. Many To be followed from 2006 up until now. I am just lazy now adding them up.

Bachelor of Science Major In Mathematics - Bachelor’s Degree

Ateneo De Naga University

June, 2000 - October, 2020

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Bachelor’s Degree

University of St. Anthony

June, 2001 - March, 2004