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First of all, I want to thank you for considering and reviewing my application and having an update for a possible grabbing the scholarship is thrilling, I am talking from the heart and it is not just I .want to impress just to land on it. I have been a cryptocurrency enthusiast and I want to get ahead, I have my share of pitfalls which it become a learning experience. I want to learn everything nowadays and I thirsty for more knowledge, and of course for monetary gains . My endeavor and quest is that I advocate to be of help to others, be an evangelist that this innovation is for real and not just hype in the making. Now clearly, with this underlying reason that I want to help others by not misleading and giving them false ideas. I don't have the monopoly of knowledge, that is a fact. Nobody has it too. The passion and drive is a clear indication that I want to build a bright future for me and my whole family. That is always reason that I cannot hinder. Learning a new skill and acquiring a new ideas is a continuous learning and growth in one's individual journey in life. With a course like this, I am being optimistic and preparing for the future which is already happening and inevitable nowadays. That is a clear objective and focus I want to achieve.

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