Learn to Buy BitDegree Courses Using ETH: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking to buy BitDegree courses using ETH? This tutorial explains all the necessary steps you need to take to buy a BitDegree course using ETH.

The example provided uses MyEtherWallet, but you can use any digital wallet that supports ERC-20 based tokens. If you don't have a wallet please use this guide to create one in 5 easy steps.

How to Buy BitDegree Courses Using ETH: Step-by-Step

Step 0: Don't have any Ether? Learn How to Buy ETH Using Your Credit Card!

Step 0: Don't have a cryptocurrency wallet to store your ETH? Learn to Create an Ethereum Wallet

Step 1: Visit the BitDegree website and register a free account.

Step 2: Select any paid course you like and press Start Learning Now.

Step 3: Choose Ethereum as a payment method to buy online courses and click Checkout.

how to buy bitdegree courses using ether

Step 4: Copy the given Ethereum Address (It's in the purple bar).

buy bdg courses using eth - crypto address

Step 5: Go to MyEtherWallet or any wallet you are using to store your ETH. When using MyEtherWallet, click on Send Ether & Tokens. Paste in the address and amount required from the previous step and choose ETH from the drop-down menu.

Set the Gas limit as 50000 and Gas Price 50 Gwei (You can choose a lower value, the transaction will be cheaper but will take longer).buy bdg courses using eth - MyEtherWallet

Step 6: Click Generate Transaction, then Send Transaction and Confirm it.

Step 7: After a couple of minutes you’ll see this screen. You can close it, the payment for the online courses has gone through successfully. You’ll get an email once your purchase is verified.

buy bdg courses using eth - confirmation

Step 8: Your BitDegree course is unlocked once block confirmations reach 20/20. You will be able to find your course in the My Courses section. You'll also get an email saying that your course is waiting for you!

how to buy bitdegree courses my

Time to Choose Courses!

And now you know how to buy BitDegree courses using ETH(Ether). BitDegree is the first educational platform that accepts cryptocurrency-based payments and now you're part of the very few people that have completed a blockchain-based transaction, congratulations!

BitDegree is a great platform to learn new skills and upload your courses if you want to share your knowledge with the world. As you learn, you gain tokens that you can use in multiple ways, and, of course, XP that unlocks new levels for you. In such case that you don't have any Ether and any financials, you can try to apply to BitDegree scholarships. Read here to learn the whole process.

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