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Machine learning (ML) affects many aspects of our lives. From Facebook feed to Netflix recommendations, Google Maps, and even self-driving cars - machine learning is at the core of it. In 2023, more and more companies are utilizing it in their operations to enhance customer experience and gain a competitive edge.

The demand for people with the right skill set to manage machine learning projects is growing, and not only in tech industries. Other industries such as transportation, healthcare, finance, and advertising see machine learning as the key player in success. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Machine Learning (and AI) the driving forces of current digital transformation. According to a Future of Jobs Survey[1], AI and Machine Learning Specialists rank as #2 on the list of top 20 job roles in increasing demand across industries.

Excited yet? Check out the best machine learning courses right now and join the future.

Among many machine learning courses available, it can be tough to choose the right one, but this is why I’m here. In this article, you’ll save time and quickly find the best online machine learning courses for beginners and more advanced students, as well as in-depth learning programs and professional certificates provided by well-known universities on top e-learning platforms.

Best Machine Learning Course: How to Choose the Right One? 

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best machine learning course for yourself. You may already know exactly what you want to gain from the course, so just looking through the topics covered will be enough. However, if you’re new to this subject, chances are it’s all a little confusing, and you don’t know exactly what to look at. To be fair, it is confusing, with so many machine learning courses online available.

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So, let’s take some weight off your shoulders and look at a few key factors you should consider before joining any course.

Best machine learning course: man choosing between options

#1: Define your own goals.

Are you learning for fun? Do you want to pursue a career in this field? Is it to gain a new skill for the job you’re in? It’s absolutely essential to decide what it is that you want to gain from the course because even if you choose the best machine learning course there is - you won’t benefit from it without your own effort and investment.

#2: Entry requirements.

Some courses have higher entry requirements than others, so make sure you’re ready to tackle the subjects in your chosen course head-on. In my list of the best machine learning courses, you’ll find complimentary courses you can take to build the skills required for more advanced programs. 

#3: Course Content.

Take a close look at the course descriptions and “topics covered” sections to avoid surprises after you enroll. This is a good indication of what to expect in each course, as well as of the structure that it follows. If the course description doesn’t align with your needs, chances are the course won’t either.

Best machine learning course: online courses

#4: Duration.

While the courses you’ll find here today are self-paced, it’s still important to think about how much time you can and want to dedicate to your studies before you enroll.

Keep in mind that the duration of the course is only a rough estimation of how long it takes to complete it. It will also depend on your individual process. So if you want to take a longer program, for example, make sure you’ll be able to balance study time and other priorities. 

#5: Quality of the course.

Not all the machine learning courses online are top-quality courses. The good news is that all of the courses in this article are provided by accredited institutions, including Columbia University, Georgia Tech, and experts in their field. Thousands of students have taken them before, so you don’t have to worry about whether the course content is worthy of your time - these are some of the best machine learning courses on the internet.

#6: Price/Promotions.

Well, of course. Who wants to spend more money instead of spending less, whenever possible? I don't know about you, but I haven't met many people like that. Although many of the courses in this article can be accessed for free, there are some paid programs and certificates.

There are also some deals available that will allow you to save money while still receiving the full benefits that come with a paid subscription. Keep an eye out for the best learning deals right now in the course descriptions. 

Now that I know you're well equipped to make the right decision, let's look at the best machine learning courses to choose from. 

Best Machine Learning Course: Top 7 Options

As I've mentioned, all of the courses on this list today are quality courses, taken by many students before. Read the descriptions carefully, where I'll tell you the most important things about each course. To enroll, simply click on the name card of the course you like most or follow the instructions you'll find in bullet points. 

Happy learning!

Become a Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Program (Enroll Here)

  • Platform: Udacity
  • Duration: 〜 3 months
  • Price: Check the description below
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Where to apply? Here

First things first. What is a Nanodegree, you may ask? A nanodegree is a combination of courses designed to equip students with a set of practical and theoretical skills in one specific area. This is how it works: you enroll in a program, study, and receive credentials upon completion (after you successfully complete all the projects). How is it different from a single course? Well, it’s a combination of those, so it’s a more in-depth learning option.

One of the best things about nanodegrees on Udacity is the projects that come with different topics. They allow you to put your newfound knowledge to practice and see how it can be applied to real-life situations.

This program isn’t free, but it’s packed with valuable content that will bring you closer to becoming a specialist in machine learning. Plus, you will get a verified certificate at the end. Let’s have a look at what courses form part of and what are the requirements for it.

This particular program is an advanced program for students who are already familiar with ML algorithms and programming. It’s the best machine learning course to build practical skills because after completing each theory-based section of the program, you get to complete a project that requires practical application of those skills. Amazon SageMaker and A/B test models are at the core of this program.

Courses within this program:

  • Software Engineering Fundamentals

Learn how to write production-level code and object-oriented programming and test your skills in the “Build a Python Package” project.

  • Machine Learning in Production

Work with Amazon SageMaker and deploy machine learning models to a production environment. The final project of this course is “Deploy a Sentiment Analysis Model.”

  • Machine Learning Case Studies

Work with real-world tasks and challenges using machine learning techniques and deploy both built-in and custom-made Amazon SageMaker models. The end project in this course is “Plagiarism Detector”, where you’ll get to use Amazon SageMaker to analyze similarity metrics.

  • Machine Learning Capstone

This is where you’ll get to come up with your own challenge and solve it using all the newfound skills from this program. It won’t be an easy task, however, this project can be a significant addition to your job portfolio. You’ll have to present your final work in a blog post and GitHub repository.

Entry Requirements

To make the most out of this nanodegree, you need to have intermediate-level Python programming skills and be familiar with NumPy and pandas and data structures like dictionaries and lists.

The same goes for machine learning algorithms - it’s highly recommended to have experience in the following:

  • Supervised learning models, such as linear regression 
  • Unsupervised models, such as k-means clustering 
  • Deep learning models, such as neural networks (ideally in PyTorch)

If you don’t have all this knowledge but are interested in taking this course, you can start off with the Intro to Machine Learning and come back to this one after you’re ready.

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Nanodegree Pricing

Most nanodegrees on Udacity cost $399 per month. The price drops if you purchase several-month access upfront. If it happens so that you pay for the subscription and realize the course isn’t what you expected, you may be able to get a refund within 7 days of your purchase. Nevertheless, always make sure to check whether the course is right for you. This article should help you do that, so there are no unpleasant surprises!

Udacity Deal Active Right Now:

If you want to pay less for a quality course, check out these coupons. There are some great deals available at the moment, so if you’re thinking of completing a nanodegree program, they’re a bargain! Other Udacity courses in this article are free, however, they do not offer certificates.

Machine Learning for Everyone Course (Enroll Here)

  • Platform: Datacamp
  • Duration: 〜 4 hours
  • Price: Check the description below
  • Certificate: Yes (Statement of Accomplishment)
  • Level: Beginner
  • Where to apply? Here 

This course is definitely one of the best online machine learning courses for complete beginners. Why? Because there’s no coding involved, so there are no specific requirements or prior knowledge you must have to be able to follow it. 

Here, you’ll explore questions like how does machine learning work? When can you use it? What is the difference between AI and machine learning? And more popular questions regarding this field. This is the best machine learning course to take if you’re interested in ML but aren’t sure what it is really all about. Exploring the theoretical side of it may help you decide whether you want to continue to more complex subjects and lay the foundation for more advanced courses.

Topics covered:

  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Machine Learning Models
  • Deep Learning

Machine Learning for Everyone Course includes 4 hours of content, 12 videos, and 37 exercises for you to test yourself. Join the other 43,794 students on this course and begin your journey in Machine Learning!

Course Price

Basically, Datacamp is a subscription-based platform. There are two main types of subscription plans available for individual users: standard and premium plans, which give you access to the content plus other perks, as shown in the table below. 

Best machine learning course: datacamp pricing

For more information about Datacamp pricing, visit this website.

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Tiny Machine Learning Professional Certificate (Enroll Here)

Best machine learning course: professional certificate in tiny machine learning

  • Platform: EdX
  • Provided by: Harvard University and Google TensorFlow
  • Duration: 〜 4 months
  • Price: $535 (full program)
  • Certificate: YES
  • Level: Introductory to intermediate
  • Where to apply? Here

According to Matthew Stewart, tiny machine learning (tinyML) is “the intersection of machine learning and embedded internet of things (IoT) devices. The field is an emerging engineering discipline that has the potential to revolutionize many industries".[2] Working in this field requires a well-rounded knowledge in subjects such as applications, algorithms, hardware, and software.

This program - a combined effort of Google TensorFlow and Harvard University is the best machine learning course on this particular subject you’ll find. Throughout it, you’ll not only learn the theory of this field but also get to work with hands-on projects (based on a TinyML Program Kit) that will prepare you for real-world scenarios. Now if this doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will!

The kit includes an Arduino board with onboard sensors and an ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller, as well as a camera. There really aren’t many machine learning courses like this one. If you’re new to the world of machine learning and microcontrollers, you might want to have a look at this Arduino Tiny Machine Learning Kit - a sort of starter pack for newbies.

Pretty exciting, hey? Let’s have a look at what the machine learning courses within this program are all about.

Courses within this program:

Fundamentals of TinyML Course (Enroll Here)

This is an introductory course to prepare you for what comes next. Here you’ll acquire the TinyML “language” skills and understand the fundamentals of machine learning and embedded systems in smartphones and other examples.

Applications of TinyML Course (Enroll Here)

Explore the practical side of Tiny Machine Learning and study its application in keyword spotting, visual wake words, and gesture recognition.

Udacity Review Logo
  • Easy to use with a learn-by-doing approach
  • Offers quality content
  • Gamified in-browser coding experience
Main Features
  • Free certificates of completion
  • Focused on data science skills
  • Flexible learning timetable
Udacity Review Logo
  • Simplistic design (no unnecessary information)
  • High-quality courses (even the free ones)
  • Variety of features
Main Features
  • Nanodegree programs
  • Suitable for enterprises
  • Paid certificates of completion
Udemy Logo
  • Huge variety of courses
  • Easy to navigate
  • No technical issues
Main Features
  • Huge variety of courses
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Free certificates of completion

Deploying TinyML Course (Enroll Here)

This is the most challenging yet the most exciting part of all the machine learning courses in the program. It’s time to learn programming in TensorFlow Lite for microcontrollers! After completing this course, you should be able to write code and deploy your model to your own tiny microcontroller.

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Want to be one step ahead of the market? This is your chance! While the world is just realizing the potential of this technology, with this best machine learning course on Tiny Machine Learning - you’ll be on your way to mastering it.

Plus, this is a professional certificate we’re talking about - once you have that, a whole world of opportunities in this field opens up to you. Don’t be shy, share it on your Linkedin, put it on your CV, even frame it, and hang it up on your wall - it’s an achievement! Not only will it look good but also show employers you’re serious about your job.

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Or Take Single Courses

Alternatively, you can enroll in single machine learning courses online that are part of this program for free. In that case, you won’t receive a verified certificate for completing the program, but you can still upgrade to full experience and purchase a certificate for that individual course. Simply click on the name card of the course you like, and it’ll take you to the homepage of that course.

If you want to receive a certificate at a lower price, check out these coupons. They’ll give you access to full program experience while saving you tons of money.

Introduction to Machine Learning Course (Enroll Here) 

Best machine learning course: introduction to machine learning

  • Platform: Udacity
  • Duration: 〜 10 weeks 
  • Price: FREE
  • Certificate: NO
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Where to apply? Here

Do you come from a data background but Machine Learning is an unknown territory you haven’t explored yet? This introductory course on Udacity will show you around and help you get familiar with the fundamentals of this fascinating field. It includes a lot of practical stuff, so there are some requirements which I'll mention below. Taught by experts, Introduction to Machine Learning Course includes truly engaging content and various interactive quizzes where you can test your knowledge and track your own progress.

Topics covered:

  • Machine Learning Application in Technology and Science
  • Naive Bayes
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Decision Trees
  • Choose Your Own Algorithm (K-means, Adaboost, Decision Trees)
  • Datasets and Questions
  • Regressions
  • Outliers
  • Clustering
  • Feature Scaling

Keep in mind though that despite it being an introductory course, you need to have experience working with Python and basic statistics before enrollment. Unless you’re proficient in these two, you may find Introduction to Machine Learning Course really challenging.

But hey! Don’t worry if you don’t have these skills yet. Studying Machine Learning is a process, not a quick jump. Plus, there are some courses you can take that will equip you with the right knowledge for this course. Check out the following: Intro to Programming, Intro to Inferential Statistics, Descriptive Statistics. You’ll be delighted to know that all of these are free machine learning courses online, so you have no excuses!

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Machine Learning Course by Georgia Tech (Enroll Here)

Best machine learning course: Georgia tech machine learning

  • Platform: Udacity
  • Provided by: Georgia Tech
  • Duration: 〜 4 months
  • Price: FREE
  • Certificate: NO
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Where to apply? Here

If you’re most curious about Artificial Intelligence - this is your course. It’s a combination of graduate-level online classes designed for studying AI and computer programs that modify and improve their performance through experiences. It’s one of the best online machine learning courses out there, and it’s free!

Topics covered:

  • Supervised Learning (Decision Trees, Regression and Classification, Neural Networks, Instance-Based Learning)
  • Unsupervised Learning (Randomized Optimization, Clustering, Feature Selection/Transformation, Information Theory)
  • Reinforcement Learning (Markov Decision Processes, Reinforcement Learning, Game Theory)

Because it’s one of the machine learning courses online that covers more advanced topics, so you need to be familiar with Probability Theory, Linear Algebra, and Statistics to make the most out of it. To brush up on these skills, check out the Intro to Statistics Course - also free.

In addition, prior knowledge of programming and Neural Networks is strongly recommended. If they’re new concepts for you, check out Intro to Computer Science or Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Course - after completing these, you should be all set to take on this course.

Start the course NOW

Machine Learning for Business Course (Enroll Here)

Best machine learning course: machine learning for business

  • Platform: Datacamp
  • Duration: 〜 4 hours
  • Price: Check the description below
  • Certificate: Yes (Statement of Accomplishment)
  • Level: Beginner
  • Where to apply? Here

This is another theory-based, one of the best machine learning courses online. It’s meant for everyone who’s involved in business and wants to incorporate Machine Learning for improved operations. If you don’t know much about ML but you think it could benefit your business - this course may be the one.

You’ll learn to formulate business questions as models in line with ML teams. What kind of models are there? When should you use ML and when is it better to not use it at all? Which model is the most suitable for your particular situation? How can they help you answer certain questions? Create opportunities? You'll answer these questions and more.

Furthermore, topics like inference and prediction, predicting probability and amounts, and how using unsupervised learning can help build meaningful customer segmentation strategy, make this course a game-changer for anyone looking to innovate their business.

Topics covered:

  • Machine learning and data use cases
  • Machine learning types
  • Business requirements and model design
  • Managing machine learning projects

Upon completing this course, you’ll receive a Statement of Accomplishment. If you enjoy the topics of this course and would like to delve deeper into data for business, consider continuing with the Data Skills for Business Leaders Career Track on Datacamp, which is a combination of courses designed to build expertise in data for business. Ideally, after completing a career track you'll be ready to apply the new skills in real situations. 

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Course Price

Like with other machine learning courses online on this platform, it’s based on subscription. I’ll attach a screenshot below of the main popular packages available together with what’s included in each one.

Best machine learning course: datacamp pricing

Other courses within this career track are:

You can always simply enroll in single courses too. However, if you're thinking of diving deeper into the subject - following a career track may be a great option - you have all the courses in one place, and you can study them at your own pace while still paying the same monthly subscription as you would for a single course.

Join the career track NOW

Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics Course (Enroll Here)

Best machine learning course: machine learning for data science and analytics

  • Platform: EdX
  • Provided by: Columbia University
  • Duration: 〜 5 weeks
  • Price: FREE
  • Certificate: YES (paid)
  • Level: Introductory
  • Where to apply? Here

It’s one of the best online machine learning courses for beginners because it covers the fundamental principles of machine learning, so you can take it even if you don’t have prior experience in this field.

It’s designed for students interested in going down the career path of Data Science and Analytics. You’ll learn how to use predictive analytics for solutions and examine the role of algorithms in Big Data analysis - the key aspects without which you won’t be able to learn more advanced subjects.

This course is part of the Professional Certificate in Data Science for Executives

Topics covered:

  • What machine learning is and how it is related to statistics and data analysis
  • How machine learning uses computer algorithms to search for patterns in data
  • How to use data patterns to make decisions and predictions with real-world examples from healthcare involving genomics and preterm birth
  • How to uncover hidden themes in large collections of documents using topic modeling
  • How to prepare data, deal with missing data and create custom data analysis solutions for different industries
  • Basic and frequently used algorithmic techniques including sorting, searching, greedy algorithms, and dynamic programming

This is a free course, so you can literally start it now if you want - it’s as simple as that! Like with most best online machine learning courses, you will have to purchase the certificate if you happen to need one. However, they’re really not that pricey (around $97), and you can always use these coupons to get the best deals available. Keeping in mind it’s a course offered by Columbia University, it’s really not a bad deal!

Start the course NOW


Okay, so today we looked at machine learning courses online and programs that cover different topics in machine learning. According to the quality of providers, ratings, student number, and instructors, here are some of the best machine learning courses right now:

If you're a complete beginner in machine learning, consider taking Machine Learning for Everyone Course, or Machine Learning for Business Course. They don't require technical knowledge as they're mostly theory-based machine learning courses.

Machine Learning for Business Course is for everyone involved in business who wants to utilize machine learning for improved operations. This course is part of a Data Skills for Business Leaders Career Track on Datacamp designed to equip students with industry-specific skills they'll be able to apply in real-life after completing the program.

One of the most popular in-depth learning programs is the Become a Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Program on Udacity, which is made up of 4 different machine learning courses. Another one is Tiny Machine Learning Professional Certificate Program if you're interested in this cutting-edge technology. It's made up of 3 machine learning courses, and if you complete all of those successfully, you receive a verified professional certificate at the end.

Introduction to Machine Learning Course on Udacity is the best introductory machine learning course for students who already possess some knowledge in programming and basic algorithms. If you have a curiosity for Data Science and Analytics specifically, have a look at the Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics Course on edX

Many of the courses on this list can be accessed for free individually. If you want a certificate, you have to purchase the full program at once. In some cases (Tiny Machine Learning Professional Certificate Program and Data Skills for Business Leaders Career Track), you can take single courses and purchase certificates for each course. 

For full access to the courses and certificates at a lower price, check out these coupons! For specific course deals, check out the course descriptions - you'll find the best deals there.

The first step is always the hardest. So don't let it stop you - with machine learning skills up your sleeve, the world will be your oyster!

Scientific References

1. World Economic Forum: The Future of Jobs Report 2018

2. Towards Data Science: Tiny Machine Learning The Next AI Revolution

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Taking the Udacity Nanodegree and so far the program has been very successful. From the beginning, I wanted to deepen the application of machine learning (I'm intermediate level). However, I understand that not everyone here are at the same level and some additional training is required for them. Other than this detail, I like the Nanodegree structure.

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More sense to buy separate courses?

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together with AI the salariesmust be crazy high!!


What is the best machine learning course online?

There are many machine learning courses available online, however, there's no one single course that will suit the needs of all students who want to study machine learning. Nevertheless, there are some courses that are better than others. Here are the best machine learning courses to take right now:

All of these courses are provided by well-known universities and experts in their field. Many students have taken them before and gained job-specific skills that are applicable in real-life tasks and challenges.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning refers to the process by which computers develop pattern recognition or the ability to continually learn and make predictions based on data, after which they make adjustments without being specifically programmed to do so. As a subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning automates the analytical modeling process and allows machines to adapt to new situations independently.

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