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How It Works

  • Create a Course in 7 days

    Start from zero and have your first course ready in just a week

  • Sell to 100 000 Students

    Enter a marketplace and grow from there

  • Earn Your First $1000

    No transaction fees, every dollar students pay is yours

Free 14 Day Trial

Get free access for 14 days, create courses and sell them instantly. Join successful entrepreneurs and online course creators community! Cancel online anytime, no charge.

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gwen alsbury

I used to be an accountant by day, yoga instructor by night. Exhausting as it sounds, I couldn’t afford to lose my day job. It never occurred to me that I can teach yoga online - until I found BitDegree. This changed my life, literally. In just a few months I had hundreds of active students who quickly grew to thousands. Now, I can teach yoga online and offline, full time.

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Find Everything You Need To Start Earning

A Marketplace of


students and growing

Get the attention of


unique visitors

Get noticed with


daily page views

Don’t Wait Months To Get Paid

You won’t have to spend months with no income. There are 100 000 students already learning on BitDegree - sell courses directly to them and get paid instantly to your PayPal or Stripe account.

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Forget Your Old Boss

Who doesn’t want to be his own boss? One click and you are a business owner. You decide what website to build, what to teach, what price to set. You decide everything. We help you!

Earn, Instead of Wasting Time

An online instructor spends hundreds of hours marketing and promoting courses. You won’t. Focus on creating and selling content, while we take care of everything else.

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You Get a Website

We host it, we help you design it, we help you optimize it for sales. This is your home base, where you keep your courses and build your brand.

No Transaction Fees

A student pays you $150 for your course. You get exactly $150, we do not take a cent from your earnings. You get what you sell, what’s fair is fair.

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sam wong

Believe me, as a Python programmer, I had no idea how to start my own business. And with BitDegree, I never had to find out. Just kidding, I actually learned how to build a business, but the process was so smooth I never noticed it. I have created 13 programming courses to this day and I am currently working on my 14th one - Advanced Python on Android.

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Free 14 Day Trial

The full BitDegree access provides you with the tools, the marketplace and know-how on how to sell and succeed. The best part is - it’s free for a whole 14 days!

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All You Need In One Place



Our team - ready to help you 24/7
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Course templates

Create courses quickly with our templates
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Building a Website

The first building block of your business
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A thriving student community
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Email marketing

Few things generate sales better


Keep your students engaged
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Social Media Tools

Build your audience and fanbase
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Follow your progress and exceed

Earn From Your Passion

You can teach anything you wish

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Start your online business

All it takes is 5 minutes and you will start your free 14 day trial

  • Find students and earn in the BitDegree marketplace
  • Sell courses with automated marketing tools
  • Beginner-friendly - no experience required
  • Support of a 24/7 personal specialist
  • Own everything you create

Top questions

What do I need to get started?

The short answer is - nothing. The long answer - you need only your determination. Sign up for a free trial, explore the platform and see how it goes from there.

Do I need to enter my credit cards details when signing up?

If you sign up for a free trial of 14 days, you won’t be charged a cent. You will have to enter your credit card details for authorization purposes, though. After the trial is over, you will have an opportunity to opt-out, no charge and no hassle.

Can I cancel my BitDegree subscription any time I want?

Yes. Cancel online anytime, no cancellation fee!

Do I need a web host?

No, we will provide you with the hosting services and help you build your website.

Do I need a designer?

No. Designers are costly, while original design takes a very long time. Instead, you’ll be able to use our pre-designed templates to create a beautiful website that sells your courses like gangbusters.

Will I get support?

You will have a personal support specialist ready to help you 24/7.

Do I own all the content (courses, tutorial, videos, etc) I create?


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