Crowned Global Champion in Education by WSA, BitDegree Commits to Relieving COVID-19 Crisis for Educators and Learners at No Cost

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On the 11th of March in Vienna, a Lithuanian online learning platform BitDegree was pronounced the Global Champion of the World Summit Awards in the Learning & Education category. The competition process, initiated by the United Nations, has selected the most innovative solutions addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) out of this year’s pool of 8000+ nominees from 112 countries. BitDegree’s victory was conditional on its potential to make an impact on people’s lives by tackling the SDG 4 – Quality Education.

“Our team is thrilled to receive such an elite global recognition. It’s a huge confidence boost that enables us to continue going beyond the state-of-the-art in terms of how we use new technologies to make online learning effective, affordable, accessible, and enjoyable,” Ginvilė Ramanauskaitė, BitDegree’s Head of Product & B2B, says. BitDegree’s platform employs clever gamification techniques to motivate learners and enables employers to attract skilled talent by funding scholarships.

In light of the recent COVID-19 crisis, the BitDegree team has decided to shift its efforts to help the educators and learners in distress by offering its gamified platform at no cost. Danielius Stasiulis, the CEO of BitDegree, states: “The global quarantine is not just a short-term challenge for educators to convey teaching online but also an opportunity to digitalize their teaching process. We have decided to provide our online learning platform to educators at no cost so that they can adapt to the urgent need for remote learning. Moreover, we volunteer to cooperate with educators to help them achieve better educational outcomes and ensure high learner satisfaction.” Interested educators can already use the platform. In a couple of weeks, BitDegree plans to add advanced analytics and teaching tools necessary for Higher Education institutions.

The global COVID-19 crisis is expected to have a lasting effect on the economy and the workforce. The International Labour Organization estimates that up to 25 million jobs could be lost – however, it is also expected that 45 million digital jobs might still be unfilled by 2022. It is in BitDegree’s mission to help the affected people reskill into digital careers and find employment again. In addition to dozens of free courses already available on BitDegree, the users now have free access to 8 newly structured learning paths that contain 50+ courses. People can start learning at BitDegree today and quickly obtain practical skills to become developers, machine learning specialists, online entrepreneurs, and other highly paid specialists.

About BitDegree

BitDegree has 600+ thousand learners from 146 countries that have enrolled in 1.7 million courses. In 2019, the company became a semifinalist in the Global EdTech Startup Awards in the Nordics and a finalist of the EIC Horizon Blockchain for Social Good competition. It has also been named one of the hottest young technology companies in Lithuania by the TNW Tech5.

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Andzelika Zukauskaite
Chief Marketing Officer,
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20 March 2020