Learn How to Build a Website from Scratch with Space Doggos 2

Space Doggos 2

BitDegree has released an interactive course that teaches you to create and host a simple website using HTML and CSS. The essential theory is provided in reasonable portions as you progress through the lessons. The course has a lot of gamification elements – from achievements, quests, and badges to monetary rewards for completing the objectives. These features help students learn and memorize more information from the course. Space Doggos 2 is designed to make your first steps in programming comfortable yet unforgettable.

Space Doggos 2 offers a new type of experience and helps users begin their programming journey by taking baby steps. From the very first lesson, you instantly notice that this is not like the other courses you find online. Space Doggos 2 consists of 15 engaging lectures that give you a sense of what website development really feels like. 

When you complete your first lectures, you won't even notice how soon you reach the end of the course. Imagine learning how to create comment forms on your page in under five minutes! It feels like a smooth cruise where you pick up something new as you progress. At the end of Space Doggos 2, not only will you have more knowledge, but also a website – built by you – to show for it.

"When creating Space Doggos 2, we contemplated what makes learning boring for us - from slow feedback to simply the dull appearance of the lessons. To avoid these issues, we added features that made the course feel more like a game. Something that taught us a lot when we were younger, for example – achievements, rewards, and progress tracking," says Martynas, lead developer of the project. "After seeing so many mediocre courses that provide the same theory you can find online, but in audio format, I was quite annoyed. That is when we came up with the idea for Space Doggos and its sequel. I knew that our team could create a course that provides an interactive experience, so we got down to work," he adds.

You often see some gamified elements online – digital rewards, trackable achievements, or colorful images and stories. BitDegree team aims to take that to a whole new level by combining all of them and adding some extra. Space Doggos 2 is the next-level learning experience where you can see these features in action. New learning material and digital canine friends are arriving in the upcoming months and will be accessible to everyone who wants to learn programming.

Space Doggos 2 is a perfect example of how gamification can enhance the learning process for people of all ages. With the new reward system or the possibility of tracking your progress, learning becomes more engaging and fun. By building new skills this way, focusing on the subject becomes almost effortless. The implemented gamification features help you grasp way more information. This is why BitDegree believes that gamified courses are the future of online education. Students can have a better experience when taking these courses, and as BitDegree statistics show - the completion rate of such courses is significantly higher. To further observe the effect of gamification in education, BitDegree released this adventurous course absolutely free.

Space Doggos 2 is available for free here: https://www.bitdegree.org/course/coding-for-beginners-space-doggos


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