E-Learning: Where the Right Tools Can Determine Your Success

When it comes to e-learning systems, the ongoing quarantine has opened the eyes of millions of educators worldwide. It turns out that popular doesn’t necessarily mean well-made, and widely-used not the same as convenient: as traditional education was forced to move online, the issues started piling since day one. Some systems crashed due to never-seen-before traffic, others revealed unexpected security threats, and thousands of teachers simply failed to control the class from behind the screen.

Having taken all these challenges into account, a Lithuanian EdTech startup BitDegree made some tweaks to its platform and is now offering free access to educators worldwide. Why not take this time to experiment with new teaching methods that can make their job easier and the results more impressive?

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Autonomous and straightforward management of the e-teaching process

Once registered BitDegree.org, an educator can upload lectures: the platform imposes no limit to the number of students, amount or duration of lectures. If they prefer the inbuilt live streaming option, they can have exclusive control rights, which helps manage a large group of learners remotely. The intuitive design of the platform makes it easy to create assessments, evaluate and track the learners’ progress: all the necessary functions and tools can be found and used in one convenient place.

Unlike many other e-learning systems, the BitDegree platform does not require institution-level installation or maintenance. Any educator can start using it on their own without involving the IT department or other intermediaries. To ensure a smooth start, the company offers introductory tutorials, video guides, on-screen consulting and usage demonstrations.

The secret to engaging and motivating the students

The team of the startup has already managed to get 700+ thousands of users worldwide hooked on e-learning. The reason for their success is simple: the BitDegree platform aims not only to impress with its convenience and intuitive design, but also to guarantee student engagement, effective learning, and knowledge retention. 

Having joined forces with Vilnius University and the world-leading gamification experts The Octalysis Group, BitDegree spends a ton of time researching and improving the learning experience and motivation. Every discovery the team has made so far has pointed to one clear thing – online cannot simply imitate offline: to achieve tangible results, you must create an exceptional learning experience.

On BitDegree, students can view lectures and work on assignments – but that’s just a part of the experience. Content is indeed a crucial part of online learning, however, it does not do well on its own: you need a unique approach to make the process interesting and motivate the students. The BitDegree platform achieves that by using elements of gamification: the learners level-up, complete missions, receive rewards, and enjoy their achievements. Not only do additional incentives help improve the study results and overall learning satisfaction, but it also makes the educator’s job a whole lot easier.

Contact Information
Andzelika Zukauskaite
Chief Marketing Officer
[email protected]

11 May 2020