EA co-founder, while visiting Lithuania: „Now it is time to roll up our sleeves“

While visiting Lithuania, Jeff Burton, one of the co-founders of Electronic Arts, met with the country's crypto community. In the monthly “CyptoMondays Vilnius” meeting, he stated that the country's entrepreneurs should focus and use this market's instability to their advantage.

"When panic starts spreading in the markets, everything seems like a house of cards falling apart. But when viewing these events from a long-term perspective, you will see that today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better. This period of market instability isn't the first nor the last, so while others are waiting, you should act. Right now is the best time to invest, create and develop business ideas”, says J. Burton, co-founder of EA and CEO of Woodside Creek Ventures.

J. Burton's goal while visiting Lithuania is to connect with the country's entrepreneurs and startup founders who utilize blockchain technology in their products and services. “Lithuanian web3 startups stand out with their community spirit and willingness to help others. During critical times like today, this might be the deciding factor for success”, J.Burton said during the event.

Danielius Stasiulis, the organizer of CryptoMondays Vilnius and CEO of BitDegree, stated that the primary goal of these meetups is to reunite the community that became fragmented during the pandemic. “Blockchain technology provides so many possibilities to create advanced products, and CryptoMondays Vilnius meetups will become a space to share ideas and insights about this ever-evolving technology”, - he states.

The event was dedicated to one of the biggest challenges that web3 startups encounter - effective marketing, audience engagement, and community building. The speakers shared how to achieve the highest results using a limited budget, which strategies were the most effective for them, and what solutions are better left avoided.

Monika Sviderskė, CMO of Lossless, warned about taking the easiest path. “Stop using shortcuts to build your community, and it is a big mistake because we are already in a different moment in crypto now. The people coming to the space are tech-savvy and will understand if you buy your community out,” she said. 

Miglė Adomavičiūtė, SMM of Engines of Fury, said: “consistency and transparency are crucial. It doesn't take much to produce quality content as long as you show your team what you are doing—all it takes is, to be honest. In return, the community will build trust in your project, and you will see increasing interest and engagement growth numbers.”

Martynas Kasiulis, the strategist at GameStarter, suggested starting with a self-evaluation: “As there are many other projects similar to yours in the crypto space, why is it different than others? Once you find the answer to this question, you should revolve your content around it. If you do this consistently, you can show the value you bring to the audience.”

Gintautas Nekrošius, the strategist at Blockchain Center Vilnius, said that focusing on community engagement is essential. “Setting up AMA sessions and keeping the community alive is a stepping stone for building a solid community for your project,” he said. 

CryptoMondays Vilnius events are organized every month. They are open to everyone interested in learning about web3, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain and connecting with the people in this industry.

“CryptoMondays” events have been organized for over five years in over 80 cities globally.

14 June 2022