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Can E-Learning Beat Classroom Teaching? BitDegree and University of Tartu Launch a Research Project to Find Out

If there’s one lesson the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the education sector, it’s that making remote learning available is not the same as making it work. According to a Lithuanian EdTech startup BitDegree, teaching online and in a physical classroom simply cannot follow the same approach – and yet, there’s still no definit... Read more

01 October 2020

E-Learning: Where the Right Tools Can Determine Your Success

When it comes to e-learning systems, the ongoing quarantine has opened the eyes of millions of educators worldwide. It turns out that popular doesn’t necessarily mean well-made, and widely-used not the same as convenient: as traditional education was forced to move online, the issues started piling since day one. Some systems crashed due to n... Read more

11 May 2020

„BitDegree“ reaguoja į COVID-19 švietimo krizę Lietuvoje: siūlo nemokamą platformą dėstytojams ir nemokamas skaitmeninių įgūdžių mokymo programas

Augant koronavirusu užsikrėtusių lietuvių skaičiui, netyla kalbos apie galimybę pratęsti visuomenės karantino trukmę. Daugelį šalies gyventojų neramina ne tik pandemija, bet ir nežinomybė: švietimo bendruomenei papildomų iššūkių kelia įprasto mokymo proceso permainos, tūkstančiai kitų baiminasi netekti darbo. Į š... Read more

20 March 2020

Crowned Global Champion in Education by WSA, BitDegree Commits to Relieving COVID-19 Crisis for Educators and Learners at No Cost

On the 11th of March in Vienna, a Lithuanian online learning platform BitDegree was pronounced the Global Champion of the World Summit Awards in the Learning & Education category. The competition process, initiated by the United Nations, has selected the most innovative solutions addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) out of th... Read more

20 March 2020

BitDegree welcomes Danielius Stasiulis as the new CEO

2020 starts with a leadership change for BitDegree. Danielius Stasiulis, the former chief business development officer, will now lead the company as the CEO. This change also marks a shift in the company’s focus: from building the underlying technology to bringing it to the market.  Danielius Stasiulis is a co-founder of BitDegree, and... Read more

21 February 2020

BitDegree to compete for 1M EUR in the finals of EIC Horizon Prize for Blockchains for Social Good

BitDegree Scholarships solution was selected to appear among the 23 finalists in Brussels and will compete for 1M EUR prize in category ‘Aid & Philanthropy’. BitDegree has developed the first-ever transparent P2P blockchain system for scholarships tied to educational outcomes. Now, anyone can get paid to learn at The... Read more

28 January 2020

How To Increase Success In Education With The Use Of Gamification

Learning by playing is like a motto of gamification, but what exactly is this educational phenomenon? Over the past years, the capability of technology has shown us that eventually, it might take over most of our day-to-day hustles. In the current education system, we can already see some digital methods used in daily learning processes. Although... Read more

26 September 2019

The future is now: This blockchain verification solution will leave certificate forgers empty-handed

Here’s the sad news: an increasing number of certificates in the labor market are forged or issued by fake institutions. Even though there is a possibility for employers to check the authenticity of a local diploma, when it comes to verifying international diplomas and certificates, it’s not that practical. BitDegree is among the early... Read more

19 September 2019

Learn How to Build a Website from Scratch with Space Doggos 2

BitDegree has released an interactive course that teaches you to create and host a simple website using HTML and CSS. The essential theory is provided in reasonable portions as you progress through the lessons. The course has a lot of gamification elements – from achievements, quests, and badges to monetary rewards for completing the objecti... Read more

09 September 2019

Bringing Transparency to Education Donations with Blockchain-Powered Micro Scholarships

Each year approximately 102.5bn USD is donated for education in the US alone, based on the annual reports by CAE and Giving USA. However, there is little transparency as to how these donations are used by the intermediaries and what impact is achieved. Sponsors have no means of evaluating what difference their contribution has made to the cause th... Read more

21 August 2019