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How To Increase Success In Education With The Use Of Gamification

Learning by playing is like a motto of gamification, but what exactly is this educational phenomenon? Over the past years, the capability of technology has shown us that eventually, it might take over most of our day-to-day hustles. In the current education system, we can already see some digital methods used in daily learning processes. Although... Read more

26 September 2019

The future is now: This blockchain verification solution will leave certificate forgers empty-handed

Here’s the sad news: an increasing number of certificates in the labor market are forged or issued by fake institutions. Even though there is a possibility for employers to check the authenticity of a local diploma, when it comes to verifying international diplomas and certificates, it’s not that practical. BitDegree is among the early... Read more

19 September 2019

Learn How to Build a Website from Scratch with Space Doggos 2

BitDegree has released an interactive course that teaches you to create and host a simple website using HTML and CSS. The essential theory is provided in reasonable portions as you progress through the lessons. The course has a lot of gamification elements – from achievements, quests, and badges to monetary rewards for completing the objecti... Read more

09 September 2019

Bringing Transparency to Education Donations with Blockchain-Powered Micro Scholarships

Each year approximately 102.5bn USD is donated for education in the US alone, based on the annual reports by CAE and Giving USA. However, there is little transparency as to how these donations are used by the intermediaries and what impact is achieved. Sponsors have no means of evaluating what difference their contribution has made to the cause th... Read more

21 August 2019