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How will the Unity Masterclass make your life shift

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Meet your instructor - a mastermind behind hundreds of successful Unity Masterclass graduates - Mark Price. Download & install Unity 3D & get to know Zombie Roller - your first Unity 3D game.


Learn to code in C#

Mark teaches you C# variables, numbers, conditionals, arrays & loops, functions & methods, object oriented programming & inheritance in Unity.

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Haunted Zombie Rush - your Unity 3D game

You will learn everything you need to know about creating a 3D game in Unity - from learning 3D game assets, project creation, working with lightning, moving objects, inheritance and reusability, to importing & animating a character model, working with audio, creating a 2nd camera, UI in Unity and so much more. You will also get a practical task - extending your Unity 3D Game & switching to a better code editor.


Defender 2D Game in Unity 3D

Mark teaches importing sprites, grid snapping, animations, 2D colliders, enemy pathfinding, data encapsulation, registering enemies & distance-based attacks, UI labels & buttons for GUI. Also - building your Unity 3D game logic, exporting your game as a standalone platform and so much more.


Legend Fantasy Game in Unity 3D

Learn everything from prepping the Unity project & building the level, importing character assets into Unity, creating the character animation controller, implementing player health & enemy attack systems to adjusting animations, creating ranged arrow attacks, speed powerup feature and logic, as well as creating a game menu.


Devcraft Game (MineCraft Clone)

Mark will explain how to create your first plane of cubes & multiple voxels, add dimensions, set up textures for mobile, add movement to your character, build and destroy blocks, rotate your character, fix bugs, add audio and more, all to help you create the best game.


Beginner & Advanced Lighting in Unity

You will learn to create particle effects, work with skyboxes, directional lights, spot lights & subtle light changes, how to use cookies in lighting, how to bake lighting & how to support mobile games.


Cinematics & Animations in Unity

Mark will discuss animation & cinematics in Unity, Unity 3D animation editor, Unity cutscenes, cameras, animation events & curves, camera management & character cinematics.


Skeletons VS Zombies MOBA With Multiplayer in Unity

Mark will teach you about pathfinding with navigation mesh, camera controls for MOBA, point & click movement with pathfinding, animations & fireball particle effect, network manager & spawn points, networking projectiles & player movement, syncvars, Unity multiplayer service, online matchmaking and more, based on the practice of the best game developers.


Extra: Practical part with an enhanced online Unity learning tool

You will get a fully practical training via special online Unity learning tool by gradually solving basic and advanced tasks to improve your skills that are on real-life demand.


Exclusive Bonus: Leaked Unity interview questions and answers

Handpicked Unity interview questions & answers that every Unity developer should learn before applying for a job in global companies.

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Tyler M. Anderson

Travelling Unity Developer

I wanted to learn something that would let me travel the world or work from home whenever I want. Turned out taking this Unity Masterclass was the thing I was looking for. I've always loved gaming, so learning Unity was not very hard, especially because of Mark. He explains everything so simply that I think truly anyone can learn Unity here. Now I can do what I wanted - I can travel or stay at home with my dog, I only need a laptop & my imagination.

Renee Marquez

Student, Game Developer

My dream was to create an amazing game which would be played all over the world. I've always loved the different worlds you can enter by playing a video game & thought - why not try to create my own game world? Having that thought in mind, I enrolled in Unity Masterclass & it not only taught me Unity programming. It helped me turn my imagination into code.

Rahim Weber


I was a gamer, but definitely not a developer. I thought that being able to create video games was so cool, even though it seemed like hard work that required a lot of effort. My friend always told me that I should at least try learning it, what do I have to lose, you know? Picked this course because it seemed to be trustworthy & had overall great feedback. Now I can confirm all of it is true - I managed to learn Unity & with huge confidence I’m starting to create my first game.

Junayd Andrade

Ex-chef, Unity Developer

Here's my story: I was a chef but wanted to change the direction of my career. I was good at drawing, had some graphic design skills & loved video games, so I thought it would be fun to make my own video game. I didn’t take it seriously at first, but as I started to learn Unity here, I felt like this was something that I wanted to do. This class turned a casual fun activity into my passion. The first game that I created after the Unity Masterclass had great feedback & now I’m working on my second game!

Israr Calderon

Unity Developer

I’m one of those people you hear about, who quit their old job & started making video games. But just so you know, I never regretted doing so. I discovered Unity and this Masterclass & finally saw what a good online class looks like. I’m not sure if I had learned Unity so fast if Mark hadn’t been so helpful. Now I work as a Unity developer in a leading tech company & enjoying this job so far.

Jennie Bannister

Designer, Game Developer

Creating video games always seemed so fun to me, I was always a geeky person. Though I was working as a designer, I started learning Unity in my spare time. Unity Masterclass was the thing that improved my game development skills the most though. Mark is a good instructor & really motivates you to keep trying. I have created 3 games now, all of which were kind of successful, I might say. My biggest thanks to the Unity Masterclass!

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