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Meet your instructor - a mastermind behind hundreds of successful machine learning careers - Caleb Stultz. In this intro to machine learning, install Python Environment, download and set up Atom & plugins.


Python Basics for Machine Learning

Learn Machine Learning with Python. Caleb will teach you everything you need to know about variables, functions, conditionals, loops, arrays, tuples & importing modules in Python, all fitted into this machine learning Python course.

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Building a Classification Model in Machine Learning

You will learn machine learning basics: scipy with Anaconda, Iris Dataset, its features & labels, examining & preparing data, creating & training a Neighborsclassifier, testing prediction accuracy with test data, building your own KNeighborsclassifier, what is scikit-learn & why to use it. Your question on how to start machine learning will be answered.


Building a Convolutional Neural Network

In this machine learning course, Caleb will explain what is Keras & why you should use it, as well as what is a Convolutional Neural Network. He will teach you how to prepare dataset for CNN, build & visualize a CNN using Sequential, install Keras with Anaconda, train CNN, evaluate accuracy, save to disk & how to switch Python environments and convert to Core ML model.


Building a Handwriting Recognition App

You will find out about handwriting, building interface & wiring up. Caleb will explain how to draw on screen, import Core ML model, read metadata. Also, how to utilize Core ML, vision to make prediction & handle/display prediction results.


Core ML Basics in Machine Learning

Caleb will teach you Core ML photo analysis, what is Core ML, will show you hot to create Xcode project, build Image VC in Interface Builder, create image cell, subclass, food items helper file & custom 3x3 grid UI collection view flow layout, as well as show how to choose, download, import, pass images through Core ML model & handle Core ML prediction results. In this machine learning online course, Caleb will also give you a practical challenge – Core ML photo analysis.


Exclusive Bonus: Leaked Machine Learning interview questions and answers

Handpicked Machine Learning interview questions & answers that every Machine Learning specialist should learn before applying for a job in global companies.

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Hamid Ramirez

Junior Data Engineer

I was one of those sceptical people who thought you can only learn in schools & universities but not online. Now I have to swallow my pride & admit - Caleb is an amazing instructor, this class is an example of what a good course should look like. After finishing it, I began to look for a job related to machine learning and not too long ago I’ve found one that I really love. Finding a right channel for learning can really do wonders!

Robson Merrill

Machine Learning Intern

My fascination with Machine Learning began at school when I had a science lesson about it. What I liked the most about it was that you can actually help people, make their life easier - I loved the idea of it. I took this Masterclass as a start for my learning path but after receiving the certificate of completion I managed to get an internship! I'm really excited because that is the first step towards my career in machine learning.

Igor Wooten

Ex-Data Analyst, Future Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning was like a distant dream to me at first - it seemed like something only very very smart people can do & I obviously didn’t consider myself to be one of those people. After few months of research, I decided to give it a go & learn it, see if I’m able to. I chose this Masterclass because it had great reviews & I’m super happy that I did - turns out I’m quite good at Machine Learning & it’s not as hard as I thought! Now I’m steadily on my way to becoming a kickass ML specialist.

Marcus Lucero

Machine Learning Intern

I just want all the people to know not to be scared to learn something totally new. Even when it seems like it’s going to be hard - learning is the thing that keeps us improving all the time. I was scared to learn Machine Learning, it seemed like such a big & complicated area but this Masterclass & Caleb in particular showed me the greatness of a good class & a good instructor. When you’ve found those two things - you can learn whatever you put your mind to. It’s all in our heads people!

Fenton West

Junior Machine Learning Data Analyst

I graduated with a degree in mathematics & it was hard to find a job that would be exciting. I didn’t want to work only in the field of math, I wanted something more significant. Machine Learning seemed perfect because it had the combination of exact sciences & important problem solving. After I took this Masterclass, I was convinced I want to aim for a career in Machine Learning - the class was interesting, well-crafted, based on real-life (and successful) examples & the instructor was awesome!

Farrah Delarosa

Machine Learning Engineer

I was looking for online courses on Machine Learning for so long... What I’ve usually found was courses with boring instructors and low-quality learning material. Even though they were usually free it didn’t seem like an advantage, because free ones turned out to be the worst ones. That’s why I decided to try this Masterclass & let me tell you - you should too. One of the best classes I’ve ever took - I studied hard but learned the base of ML & now you're reading a story of a Machine Learning Engineer!

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