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Meet Andrew Snyder-Spak - a leading worldwide educator who helped to develop many careers. He will teach you about line programs, obtaining the tools of the trade, coding your first program & compiling and executing Java Command, all with real-life exercises & solutions.


Input and Output

You will learn to set expectations, obtain input with a scanner object, command line input with different data types, command line parameters. You'll find out about output and storage, all with real-life exercises & solutions.

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Understanding Variables

Andrew will discuss variable types, variables and arithmetic, strings, declaring and initializing variables, all with real-life exercises & solutions.


Conditionals and Loops

You will find out about conditionals, complex and compound conditional statements, iterating with while loops & for loops, all with real-life exercises & solutions.


Data, Data Everywhere

Andrew will teach you about arrays & how to manipulate it, as well as array list objects, lists, hashtables and generics, all with real-life exercises & solutions.


Putting It All Together: Object Oriented Programming

You will learn about the class object relationship, class construction, parent and child classes, all with real-life exercises & solutions.


Extra: Practical part with an enhanced online Java learning tool

You will get a fully practical training via special online Java learning tool by gradually solving basic and advanced tasks to improve your skills that are on real-life demand.


Exclusive Bonus: Leaked Java interview questions and answers

Handpicked Java interview questions & answers that every Java developer should learn before applying for a job in global companies like Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, etc.

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Malika Munro

Student, Java Developer

I dreamed of working with computers since I was a little kid & the first programming language I chose to learn was Java. The course that I chose to learn it from - Java Masterclass. Even though I’m still a student, after finishing this course I feel pretty confident in myself & my skills. Didn’t even notice how quickly the time went by while learning - there wasn’t a boring moment in this Masterclass.

Jordon Redman

Software Engineer

The first thing that caught my eye was the website of this Masterclass - it’s really different from all the others. I actually heard of Andrew Snyder-Spak before taking this class, and I heard great things, so that was another thing that made me interested. I really wanted to learn Java, so gave it a shot. The class really covered it all - everything you need to become a true Java Pro. You can feel that it’s created by & for people with big goals.

Nikolas Whitmore

Freelance Java Developer

I wanted to quit my old job for a very long time but didn’t have the guts & thought that my skills weren’t good enough for a better kind of job. Was really mad at everyone but finally realised that it’s only up to me to reach what I want. Then I decided to learn programming & since Java is one of the most popular languages, I enrolled in this course. It had great content & free extra very useful material. After some time, I got my happy ending & became a freelance Java developer.

Zayyan Mayer

Junior Java Developer

I actually don’t know why I chose to learn Java out of all programming languages. But what I knew for sure was that I want to have a high-paying job in a great big company. I had this big goal in my mind & I thought that Masterclass could help me achieve it. I wasn’t wrong! The learning experience was enjoyable, I learned everything I truly needed to know in order to get hired as a junior Java developer.

Pierre Regan

Ex-librarian, Java Developer

This Java Masterclass was the thing that made me fall in love with programming. I, like many people, was afraid of the whole IT world. Even though it seemed interesting, I thought only geniuses could become great professionals in this field. Still, out of my curiosity, I took this Java Masterclass, which was an amazing decision. I didn’t only learn Java - I learned to manage my time, put in a lot of effort & achieve my work goals.

Malcolm Decker

Java Developer

As funny as it sounds, I always had my dream company, the one I wanted to work in. It always seemed so cool & I loved their vision and product. I was always checking on job positions there but nothing was right for my skills. I realised that if I wanted to work in successful companies, I had to learn useful skills. This Masterclass was recommended by a friend & long story short - after finishing this class I got an amazing job as a Java developer. Not in my dream company though, but I'm still very happy.

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