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Meet your instructor - a mentor behind the financial & career success of 71,476 students - John Bura. Find out what you’ll learn & gain from Data Science Masterclass.


Python for Data Science

You will learn everything you need to know about Python for becoming a Data Science expert. All the lessons are based on the workflow of Data Scientists worldwide.

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Pandas Setup

John will show you how to install & set up Pandas.


Data Structures for Data Science

You will learn about the creation & expansion of a data frame and will find out about series and sorting.


The manipulation of Data Frames in Data Science

John will explain everything about values, like dropping rows and columns and handling NaN values.


CSV Data in Data Science

You will learn to write to CSV & read from CSV in the way successful Data Scientists do it.


Systematical perspective of Data in Data Science

John will teach you to statistically describe data, find data using labels, as well as Panda's histogram plots. John will show you how to begin & carry on analysing your data to become an in-demand Data Scientist.


Exclusive Bonus: Leaked Data Science interview questions and answers

Handpicked Data Science interview questions & answers that every Data Scientist should learn before applying for a job in global, successful companies.

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Harvey-Lee Calvert

Data Analyst

It was not easy for me to find a job after finishing university and I was kind of struggling. The thing was, I had big dreams and goals in my mind and didn’t want to settle for a meaningless job. I wanted to have a great career, where I could constantly challenge myself and improve my skills. I guess I can say that I saw this Data Science Masterclass at the right time & place. It wasn’t as hard as I expected, John made it easy & interesting. Now you're looking at a happy data analyst.

Kie Markham

Data Engineer

My data science journey began when I started to see all these articles about how it’s the best career to have. Even though I worked as a statistician, I started to get interested in data science. And yes, of course I had huge knowledge gaps but didn’t want to devote a lot of my time filling it. Then I just started to look for an online course and that's how I got here. This Masterclass showed me who I want to be & now I'm working towards reaching my goal.

Kwame Garza

Data Scientist

It may sound strange, but I probably wouldn’t be where I am without this Masterclass. When I was younger I thought I’ll become a programmer because I love tech stuff and it was a well-paid job, but I didn’t like it that much. Data Science appeared in my life when I was looking for positions where I could earn a lot. The skills that I lacked, I learned in this class. It gave me the boost to change my career, it's good to know that my skills will be valued for a very long time.

Nigel Jaramillo

Junior Data Analyst

My dream was always to be a scientist, since I was little. But for a long time I didn’t know what kind of scientist I wanted to be. My teacher told me that I would be a great data analyst - that I had a mind for it. My skills for math came in handy, I also learned programming, but the thing that increased my confidence the most was probably this Masterclass. The certificate helped me land a really great job at one of my dream companies and now my aim is to become a successful data scientist.

Abbey Huynh

Data Automation Programmer

I always wanted to work with Big Data, to create the future. I saw a very cool job ad for a Data Automation Programmer position and I felt like I wanted to work there. But here's the sad part - I wasn't confident in my skills at all. I wanted to learn from the best but didn’t have the time, so I thought this Data Science Masterclass should do the trick. And it really was a great course. It required a lot of brain power, but as you probably guessed already, afterwards I managed to land the position I wanted!

John-Paul Magana

Machine Learning Engineer

I was working as a Junior data analyst in a globally recognized company but after finishing the Data Science Masterclass I proved myself & got promoted to a machine learning engineer position. My skills were really improved & I got quickly recognized by my employers. Of course, a course could never put information into your head, so I had to work hard myself but this Masterclass completely changed the way I see data science & online courses in general.

No competition!


This class is superior. Here you can find everything you need to know about data science in one Masterclass. And actually so much more! This class opened my mind on how simple it is to develop a successful career from scratch and earn a lot more money if your mindset is correct. This is what this Masterclass does & what good education should do.

Dimitri Iles, Data Analyst

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