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In this Blockchain Development Masterclass, you will learn:


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Meet Jackson Kelley - one of the most influential blockchain development instructors, who consults global leading companies.


An Introduction To C++

Jackson will teach you variables, functions & if statements in Python, based on how it’s used in the TOP companies. You will learn about g++, general programming constructs, STL, vectors and lambdas, the C++11 flag, how to import boost, pointers, references, and OOP, templating in C++, namespaces and scoping, the N macro in EOS & the name constructor.

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Multi Index

Jackson will teach you multi_index & will give employee & word count examples. He will discuss using lambdas for queries, querying multi indexes, STL data structures, using multi_index syntax & how to replace, modify and project, all based on how experts worldwide are doing it.


An Introduction To Blockchain

You will learn about Blockchain from Git perspective, also about the Ethereum Blockchain, the Steemit Blockchain & EOS vs Ethereum.


EOSIO Development

Jackson will show you how to build the EOS code, verify the installation, look at nodeos, aliase the components, set clion up, investigate keos & eos accounts. He will tell you all about EOSIO Token contract & EOSIO Token comparison with ERC20. You will learn about Hello World Smart Contract, Jungle Testnet and Mainnet, voting for block producers, creating accounts, delegating bandwidth and buying ram, memory, net and CPU, investigating demux & more.


The EOSIO dApp Ecosystem

You will learn all about investigating Scatter, EOSRP, EOSPortal, EOSDrops, EOSFactory, DecenTwitter, cib, Buddy & MonsterEOS, as well as about Everipedia Airdrop tool, Genereos Poorman token, Decentwitter, Scatter & MonsterEOS Battle.


Extra: Practical part with an interactive online Blockchain Development learning tool

You will get a fully practical training via special online Blockchain Development learning tool by gradually solving basic and advanced tasks to improve your skills that are on real-life demand.


Exclusive Bonus: Leaked Blockchain Development interview questions and answers

Handpicked Blockchain Development interview questions & answers that every Blockchain Developer should learn before applying for a job in global companies.

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Ned Austin

Python freelancer, Crypto enthusiast

I have been a crypto enthusiast since day one because I really believe in its great future. Since I was so invested in learning all about cryptocurrency, I wanted to learn blockchain programming too. I know that there are a lot of different free or paid online courses on blockchain, but this one seemed the most trustworthy somehow. Turns out my decision was great because this Masterclass is super up to date, informative & interesting. Learning here is a pleasure!

Derek Eastwood

Senior Software Engineer

What I love about blockchain the most is the whole decentralization idea behind it. It builds a safe infrastructure & empowers global collaboration, how cool is that? I’m a programmer & I didn’t know blockchain programming at all, so I wanted to create a challenge for myself - I enrolled in the Blockchain Masterclass. This class was of super quality even for an advanced programmer like me, I had a lot to learn!

Huzaifah Byrne

Junior Blockchain Developer

Why I wanted to learn blockchain programming? I simply needed to create dApps for an ICO. That is when it hit me: there’s not a lot of learning material out there... I didn’t have much time though, so I needed to choose a class that would give me concentrated amount of the most relevant information quickly. And this Masterclass was a perfect choice. Learned everything I needed, it's amazing to feel like I have the skills & knowledge of the future.

Victor Sanford

Ex-lecturer, Blockchain Developer

Even though there are sceptical people out there, I really believe that Blockchain is the future & that it’s going to be a huge part of our changing world. I've always dreamed to be ahead of the game with my skills, to learn something that not a lot of people know. Blockchain Development Masterclass was perfect for it. Even though I needed to put A LOT of information into my head, after a few months I got a blockchain developer job that I so desperately wanted.

Dianne Richmond

Senior Blockchain Developer

Before taking this class, my main goal was to develop skills in new fields of programming because my job as a software developer was getting boring. I began reading about blockchain & the more I read, the more I found it interesting. One thing lead to another & I enrolled in this Masterclass. It had great reviews & the price seemed very reasonable. I’m really happy with my decision - believe it or not, it helped be become a blockchain developer, which is never boring.

Lloyd Wyatt

Head of Development

What happened first was me & my friends decided to create an ICO for a product that we really believed in. We didn’t have much money (almost no money, really), so we couldn’t hire any developers. I then decided to learn dApp creation myself. Honestly, I was super scared because it looked like it was so complex & hard. But when I've found this class, Jackson proved me that blockchain development is not so hard & taught me everything I needed to create a successful ICO.

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