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In this Android App Dev Masterclass, you will learn:




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Meet your instructor - a mastermind behind hundreds of successful android app developer careers - Mark Price. Install all the programs needed for the head start & build your first Android Marshmallow app.


Git & Android

Mark teaches terminal, version control & git basics, how to set up Git, compares Git with Bitbucket, discusses Git remote & local, Github desktop & how to handle merge conflicts in Git.

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Learn to code in Java

You will learn to create Java module variables, strings, numbers, methods, conditionals, arrays & array lists, all based on the experiences of IT specialists.


Cool Calculator - The Basics of Android

Learn about project setup & changing app theme, adding images, supporting multiple screen sizes & understanding widgets, layouts, gravity, weights & dp, widget imports, managing multiple layouts, using android monitor to debug layout issues, as well as implementing calculator logic.


Fit or Flab - Working with Activities

Mark will discuss Android activity lifecycle, custom drawables, rounded corners, drawables & tint, onclicklisteners without buttons, the 2nd Android activity, intents & extras, android studio 2.2 constraint layouts.


Fragments & Mastering Android Layouts

You will learn to understand Android fragments, as well as work with graphics & drawables, custom drawables & custom buttons, fragments & fragment manager, change views programmatically, add & replace fragments, all based on the workflow of the most successful companies.


Object Oriented Programming & Fragments on Android

Mark will teach you Java classes, inheritance, polymorphism & data encapsulation, all via Android Prerequisite.


Grids & Lists With Recycler View

Mark will discuss how to plan out an app, he will explain project setup and fragments, adapters, view holders, managing data, designing cards and working with view holders, clicking cards and loading a new full screen fragment, all via Android App Dev Radio.


Maps & GPS

By using Android App Store Locator, you will learn how to create a project & architect an app, add Google Maps to a fragment, implement a card view search bar, Google Play location services, convert GPS & coordinates to a zip code, as well as how to show recycler view over the map.


Multimedia on Android

By using Android App Instaslam, you will learn all about project setup & tabbed activity template, fragments for tabs and action button, Android menu popups, full screen activities & percentage layouts, adapters & view holders in the same file, background threads and how to access photos and videos with cursors & decode paths into bitmaps.


Web Requests & REST on Android

Mark will teach you web requests, HTTP & JSON. By using Android App Funshine, you will learn about project creation & API setup, implementing Volley for web requests, how to use GPS to get weather data, parsing JSON, designing the UI, showing data from server in UI & showing server data in a list.


Building a Chat App With Firebase

By using Android App Chat, you will learn Firebase & project setup, Firebase auth & registration, Firebase auth & login, how to add Firebase to project & create a username.


Design & Publishing

Mark will teach you how to design a Launcher icon in Sketch.


Extra: Practical part with an enhanced online Android App Dev learning tool

You will get a fully practical training via special online Android Dev learning tool by gradually solving basic and advanced tasks to improve your skills that are on real-life demand.


Exclusive Bonus: Leaked Android App Dev interview questions and answers

Handpicked Android App Dev interview questions & answers that every Android App Developer should learn before applying for a job in global companies.

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Fraser Dominguez

Nurse, Made his first app

I was actually working as a nurse when I came up with an idea for a health app. The idea was pretty simple but it seemed exciting to me. I had this vision of how it had to look & I wanted to create the app myself. Learning new stuff was always fun for me, so I started to search for the best online & I chose this Masterclass. I’m very happy with my decision, because it turned me - a non-developer - into a person capable of making an app with my onw two hands.

Christopher Partridge

Freelance Android App Developer

It’s so cool that you can find an app for every little thing you want. I always really liked using apps for everything - from cooking to booking a flight. And not to mention all the different games… I wanted to be part of this amazing app world so I decided to learn to create it. I chose this Masterclass for obvious reasons - it had amazing reviews, a lot of my friends recommended it & after finishing it just seemed like a good quality class in general, which helped me build 3 successful apps.

Atif Cardenas

Android App Developer

Career wise, I always wanted a well-paid job but didn't want to work in a strict office or something. I had some basic programming skills, so my friend asked me to help him with this Android app he was making. I started to enjoy it & searched for learning material online - that's how I stumbled upon this Masterclass. The whole learning process was really smooth, I really appreciated the extra interview questions. Talking about our app, it was downloaded more than expected & now we’re making a new one.

Nikodem Beltran

Android App Developer

My story is simple - I was a gamer who just loved games in general. I wasn’t a very good student at school & I didn’t know which career path to take. Actually, it was my mom who found this Android App Dev Masterclass and suggested I learn it. I was skeptical at first because I never took an online course before, but now I think it was no average online course - this Masterclass turned me into an app developer & now I’m working in a tech company with great career prospects.

Jenna Brookes

Teacher, Made her first app

This Masterclass was actually a gift from my friends! I had an idea for an app for a very long time but didn’t do anything about it, only annoy my friends by talking how cool it would be to make this app. So I guess my friends got fed up with the talk & wanted me to go and make the app myself. I thought I wasn’t smart enough but this class boosted my confidence. I learned everything I needed to make my idea come to life & I guess I'm thankful to my friends for finding this Masterclass.

Youssef Shah

Student, Android App Developer

Thanks to this Masterclass, I created 4 very successful Android Apps & I still can't believe it. I managed to earn more money than I ever hoped I would, even though I’m still a student. It’s a great example that it’s never too early or too late to learn something new. All you need is dedication, a goal & a good online class. And this App Dev Masterclass was one of the best online classes I ever took, not only did Mark teach me real-life skills but also motivated me to always put in that extra effort.

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