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Gvidas Maskoliunas

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I've been working in the digital marketing area for over ten years. I'm doing this full time, and I continue expanding my knowledge every single day. Most of the time I spend working with social media platforms, so I have lots of valuable information to share.

Right now I'm running a successful pet products brand, which started as a dropshipping business. All social media platforms combined have over 500, 000 followers, which keeps growing every single day. And in 3 years I've made over 25, 000 sales.

This project started as a hobby. I wasn't very serious about it until I discovered dropshipping and decided to give a try. Ever since my store keeps growing and it has reached such a point where I don't need to do much. I've got good rankings in Google; I'm getting great organic traffic not just from search engines but from Pinterest as well.

I decided to start teaching because I felt a strong need to share my knowledge with other people. I realized that I enjoy doing this and knowing that my courses can help someone else makes my day. As I like to say we are all in this together so we should help each other!